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Why Mobile App Testing is Worth the Investment

With increasing dependency on technology, a new breed of tech-savvy fraudsters is rising with more smart ways to carry out cybercrime, thus becoming a major concern for both government and private organizations. Undoubtedly, cybersecurity audit services have become significant to protect information assets which are a top priority of any business. 

Mobile applications acquire a lot of sensitive information thus become keys to the kingdom and a rich target to capture personal details, track location, and control IOT-connected world. Whilst mobile security has been a big agenda but often overlooked.

Why Organizations Feel Reluctant to Invest in Mobile App Testing?
When a company invests in app development, soon after the launch they can see the results right away. However, with testing, you might have a test plan and run various test scripts but can’t sell it to end users. Your audience needs a bug-free app but is not concerned about how you achieve this. 

Moreover, do you realize hacktivism results in reputational damage to targeted organizations and leads to high-profile information breaches and data loss? So instead of putting your business or customers’ information at risk, why not mitigate predictable risks through the quality assurance that help your mobile app stay competitive in the marketplace, without a hitch. 

What are the Benefits of Mobile App Testing?

  • Ensures Functional Quality 
    Mobile app testing ensures that you market a high-quality product. The developers test your apps on real devices to check whether all the features work properly on every device or not. Besides, testing on real devices helps in analyzing functionality with inbuilt smartphone features like accelerometers, cameras, and geo-location, facilitating great user experience.

  • Optimizes Performance
    ​Most mobile users rarely give the problematic app a second chance. Adding functional, load, UI/UX testing helps you marketing a robust app. It not only builds a great reputation for your brand on the market but makes it possible to reach your business goal.

  • Increases Customer Loyalty
    Once your app has built a loyal space in customers’ heart, it is a win-win for you. With a smart loyalty base and high-quality app, you can make your entire business operation more effective and efficient. 

  • Boosts Revenues
    Undeniably, mobile testing comes with investment but if done right you can leverage incredible profits in the future. To make the process simpler, many mobile app development companies offer testing services usually becomes cheaper than hiring a full-time tester.

As Mobile app testing is a broad term, here are a few types of tests that Mobile App Development Companies conduct to make your app risk-free.

  • Functional & Acceptance Testing 
    Functional and acceptance testing reviews every aspect of a mobile app to ensure every feature is working properly. Testing your apps in real-world scenarios ensure all the requirements are met efficiently.

  • Unit Testing
    The goal of unit testing is to separate each section of the program and test whether individual sections are working properly or not. It makes the coding process agile, improves the quality of the code and identifies every defect in the development process.

  • Load Testing 
    In this testing process, your app is tested under both normal anticipated peak load conditions. It helps in identifying the maximum capacity of an application and determine different elements causing degradation.

Takeaway Point
According to a famous saying by Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) – “While a good reputation precedes you, but a bad reputation will follow you for a long time. Hence, it is essential to test your mobile application before launch, to beat the best in the market. The more compatible and secure your app is, the more people download your app. 

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