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Why your E-Commerce Needs a Progressive Web Application

With the emergence of progressive web apps in 2015, many organizations have leveraged its capabilities to deliver highly engaging user experiences and increase the user base. Using PWA many notable organizations like Trivago, Twitter, OYO, and Walmart have doubled conversation rates in a short time interval.

The PWA advantage in E-commerce Business

PWA topmost benefit is that it combines the best of native app and web capabilities. Here are a few other benefits of choosing PWA as an eCommerce development solution,

  • Increase user adoption by direct installation on Home Screen

Progressive web apps can be installed on the home screen of any smart device, which makes it easily accessible when required. It achieves the same result as downloading an app from the app store, but without going through the app store process. Once installed on the home screen, it requires no further updates as it is automatically updated in the background thus, assures users to get the most recent content, always.

  • Maximize Engagement with Push Notifications

Like native apps, PWA can send push notifications. It empowers businesses to reach mass audiences intuitively thus creates an engaging user experience. Push notifications have a bigger impact, they grab attention always. They appear directly on the display screen which increases the chance to open and browse the app. Moreover, it does not require an email address or other details to engage the audience.

  • Reduce Load Time and Improve Performance

Users demand speed. A report by Statista shows that 53% of visitors leave a website after just 3 seconds page load and conversion rates decrease with 21.8% on each 1-second delay in page speed. To overcome the issue, the Progressive web app development company builds an app that offers smooth and fast user experiences. It loads in 1 second which engages users right from the start. Moreover, it uses less disk space on both the business’s server and user’s device, offering benefits like faster loading times, lesser storage space, and minimum data usage.

  • SEO-Friendly Applications

As PWA share capabilities of websites thus, becomes easily discoverable by search engines. It breaks the barriers of web and native and reach out to mass audiences on any device and at any time. Faster loading, lower bouncing rates, and engaging user experiences are default boosters for SEO rankings. PWAs use flexibility of JavaScript that means Google sees it as a JavaScript website. A reliable PWA app development company ensures PWAs are indexed accurately through techniques such as server-side rendering – providing PWA the top ranking it deserves.

  • Generate Great Return on Investment (ROI)

Undoubtedly, a great user experience results in higher conversion rates. With easy navigation and offline functionality, it becomes easier for customers to achieve the desired goals. PWAs are faster, leaner, efficient, and presents huge opportunities to deliver great user experiences in every aspect. From instant background loading to full-screen browsing, the PWA brings exceptional results for businesses.

  • Browse Products in Offline Mode

Autonomous functionality is the key feature of PWA that can boost your e-commerce business. It enables users to access your products or services anytime and anywhere they want. Being independent of internet connection PWA works conveniently in a weak or poor wi-fi signal. It is possible in PWA as it stores browser cache by using cache API, making buyers happy whenever they use the application.  

  • Ensure Secure Payments

There is no denying that people love the idea of shopping online as it saves time. However, the obtrusive check-out process may prevent them from purchasing which results in higher cart abandonment rates. Thanks to Payment Request API in progressive web applications, shoppers enjoy secure and fast checkouts. Integration of right frameworks, progressive web app developers help users to complete their purchases instantly and swiftly.

  • Accelerate Time-to-Market & Low Development Costs

Businesses with multi-platform and omnichannel strategy, end up maintaining a responsive website, Android app, and iOS app. No doubt developing, optimizing, and maintaining, a responsive website and development of native apps easily quadruple that investment.
A PWA eliminates the need for development, maintenance or marketing any platform other than a progressive web application. It can serve multiple platforms thus becomes a one-size-fits-all option for organizations. With this, you can expect a reduction in development cost and time-to-market, while maintaining the same quality and user experience.

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PWA Success Stories as a Powerful eCommerce Development Solution

LancĂ´me PWA
It is a French luxury perfume and cosmetics brand that sells its products worldwide.

Challenges before using PWA

The brand was facing abandoned cart issues which affected their conversion rates
Utilizing features as push notifications led to increasing conversion rates in no time. Besides, it works considerably well in slow connectivity areas thus decrease frustration levels of customers that led to more purchases.

  1. 17% increase in conversions.

  2. 15% decrease in bounce rates.

  3. 84% decrease in time to Interact.

  4. 51% rise in mobile sessions.

Data Source: Google
AliExpress PWA
One of the biggest online retail marketplaces with a customer base of approximately 150 million users.

Challenges before using PWA

The native application needed a strong connection to use its functions. The conversion rate on mobile was low.
PWA offered fast and reliable user experience thus served as the right solution for AliExpress. Features like push notifications, offline accessibility, cross-browser functionality increased their conversation rates in no time.

  1. The conversion rate for new mobile users across all browsers increased to 104%.

  2. The iOS conversion rate increased by 82%.

  3. Pages visited per session, per user, doubled across all browsers.

  4. Time spent per session increased by 74%.

Data Source: Google

When your E-commerce Business Needs a PWA?

PWAs offer several benefits for e-commerce sites as mentioned above; however, its implementation is important if you want quick results. For instance, if your iOS app generating great results then avoid building progressive web applications as it is not optimized for the iOS platform. But in the case of Android mobile app users, PWA can double the return on investment.
Adopt a PWA when

  1. Your e-commerce business in the early setup phase

  2. You are targeting android audience

  3. You want to deliver excellent m-commerce experience in short period and low budget

  4. Your conversion rates are not rising as expected

Don’t lag, be the part of the competition. Hire a renowned PWA development company that transforms your digital experience with intelligent PWA solutions. All you need to do some research and shortlist the top 10 progressive web application development companies based on factors like strong portfolio, passionate development team, 5-star ratings, positive reviews, and location.
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