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Will React JS Conquer the Modern Web Apps Market?

Since the last decade, we have seen enormous growth in the adoption of mobile and modern web applications that are powered by lightweight JavaScript libraries. Considering there are a plethora of frameworks and libraries available, don’t be the victim of bothersome “paradox of choice”; that means the dilemma of choosing the best one over others.  Choosing the right tech stack is a tedious task yet a crucial one. 

React JS is one such library that has massive popularity among web-based businesses but for excellent reasons. One thing that plays a huge role in grabbing customer’s attention is appealing user interfaces (UI). React is a top-notch library that is created with a business forward mindset. Besides interactive UI, it also boosts web-page load speed and provides SEO-friendliness that helps you grow your business at scale.  

Reasons to Make React JS Your First Preference 

  • Boosts Productivity  

One remarkable feature of React JS is its ability to maximize productivity and facilitate maintenance. It is difficult to make changes when applications have complex logic, but using React's tools, developers can reuse system components that make it far simpler than before. It is a great way to save development time and effort. Hire top React JS developers to leverage the potential of the library to the fullest.   

  • Render Faster with Virtual DOM 

While creating a high-load application, it’s necessary to ensure its structure beforehand as in the later stages it can cause inefficiency in the overall performance of the app. Even minor changes at the upper layer cause problems in lower layers. However, now with a virtual representation of DOM, developers can make changes in the early stages that ensure better user experience and higher app performance. 

  • Guarantees Stable Code  

React JS combines the capabilities of HTML and JavaScript thus ensures code reusability. Moreover, it uses only downward data flow, so even if you make changes in the child structure, it won’t affect parent structures. When you change the object, it only modifies the state of relevant components. This type of data binding increases code stability and does not alter the performance of the app. 

  • SEO Integration Seamlessly  

For online businesses, search engine optimization is a gateway to boost user traffic onto their platform. It significantly reduces page load time, improves performance in real-time, and handles all the features which are generally not managed by most of the frameworks.  The main goal of companies is finding ways to generate Revenue. With the effective use of SEO, your modern mobile web app can efficiently rank on Google, and you can even witness more downloads than native mobile apps.   

  • Offers Convenient Migration  

Unlike other frameworks or libraries, React JS, offers convenience while migrating to newer versions. It is lightweight and wrapped around JavaScript standards, enabling developers to fall in love with the language in the first place. The framework can be seamlessly added to the existing infrastructure without shutting down for maintenance. 

Fortune 500 Companies that are using React JS 

Businesses can quickly grasp the technology because of the simplicity offered to the developers. Code reusability with hassle-free modifications of functionalities; let larger teams build smart and intuitive applications in less time and using lesser efforts.  

Top Fortune 500 companies including, Netflix, Instagram, The New York Times, CNN, and Salesforce, are enamored by React’s features and capabilities from a business standpoint. Knowing its potential, many companies are willing to explore React JS features as it facilitates high performance and agile applications at cost-effective prices. You can consult a renowned mobile app development company that can guide you throughout the process for optimum results. 


Looking whole as a discussion, React’s advantages overpower its disadvantages, making it a useful, robust, and adaptable programming library. You can consult various leading mobile app development companies to know how much to make an app and its pros for your business before wholeheartedly investing in this technology. Deciding the right framework at the right time can help you transform your idea into reality with ease. And undoubtedly, React is that library that helps organizations to achieve their goals, fortify its relevance in the marketplace for a longer time.

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