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  • Top Kentico 12 MVC Features You Must Be Aware Of

    Living in a modern digital era, we know for the fact that no business can be successful without having its online presence. Developing a customized website is one of the easiest ways to boost your brand presence and CMS plays a significant role in building and maintaining the website. The finest content management systems (CMS) are the ones that can deliver flexibility, efficiency and return on investment (ROI). If we talk about the enterprise...

  • Blockchain Technology in Daily Life

    Blockchain is the all-new transformation not just having its roots gripped in the banking industry but touching down the perk spree in every possible industry. Being the digital distributed and decentralized ledger, blockchain is quite a reliable choice for logging transactions, transferring funds and adding imperative information absolutely safe & secure!With the rise of blockchain technology, the intermediaries have taken the back row...

  • Restaurants Technologies Upgrading Your Business

    Restaurant innovations in mind? Glittering up the old d├ęcor isn’t really a bad idea anyway! Despite having a string of restaurants in action, not everyone’s having a technology ready platform to get the best results. You can still be among the top impact makers by implementing the latest technologies and leading the restaurant game like a pro!Online OrderingBasic but the most important aspect, often overlooked! Most of the...

  • How Emerging Technology PWA Impacts Media & Entertainment Industry

    Mobile applications or mobile web experience, which is a smarter option for your business? It’s an ultimate question in the development industry. Undoubtedly, mobile applications are better. But having said that, with continuous evolutions we’ve got the latest trends that are changing the ways users utilize the technology.  One of the most popular technologies used is a progressive web app (PWA). Leveraging the capabilities...

  • How to Pick the Right CMS for Your Website in 2020?

    In today’s world, every business is struggling to create a competitive service advantage and meet changing customer preferences. One of the most important parts of the journey of building your online presence and brand is content. The right content marketing is the key to gain a larger customer base and engage them. This is possible through the help of the reliable Content Management System (CMS). However, it can be a difficult task to...

  • How Business Intelligence is Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

    Noticing the demand, real estate markets are prone to change. With time real estate has grown by leaps and bounds to ensure complete confidentiality and security as it involves an immense amount of transactions. Complete transparency and the ability to analyze insights quickly are essential requirements to achieve success in the marketplace.It should come as no surprise that the real estate industry is increasingly dependent on real estate...

  • iOS Vs Android: Which Should You Choose to Build Your First App in 2020

    Four billion people and almost 3 billion are active mobile users. Isn’t that enough to say that you can’t ignore this market? If you don’t have a mobile app then it’s the time to get one. iOS and Android are the two leading platforms that are used nowadays. Which one you should choose for your business? iOS, Android or perhaps both. It is not viable to depend on personal choices. Considering business needs and...

  • Key IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

    With the advances of technologies growing every year, companies have been looking forward to integrating their businesses into online platforms and cater to an increasing audience. This has led to the growth of digital transformation enabling companies to use new and smart approaches to manage operations & solve challenges effectively. Though there are many evolving technology trends like AI, Blockchain, Chatbots, Analytics, etc. that...

  • Top Node.js Development Trends, Frameworks & Comparison 2020

    Everyone is talking about how Node.js is taking over the programming world. While all other frameworks and languages come with exquisite benefits however Node.js became a standard for large-scale apps.It is hard to escape the benefits of JavaScript and its ubiquity on the modern web. But Node.js is offering frameworks and libraries that help in creating interactive and modern interfaces of applications. Every month now different enterprise...

  • Everything You Should Know About Logistics Mobile App Development

    The battle to generate higher profits while maintaining efficiency has intensified in the logistics and transport industry. With continuous evolving consumer demands, a logistics company needs to manage processes more efficiently than ever before. To simplify the operations and address the evolving needs, Logistics Mobile App Development comes into existence. From inventory management to vehicle tracking, a custom mobile app is a smart...

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