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  • Customer Loyalty Programs are necessary than ever!

    Having a loyalty program working for your brand is not just imperative for your business but its more of a necessity! Why? Customers today are demanding, they have a lot of options to explore and a few reasons to stick with one brand for long.  It’s only the customer loyalty programs which can retain them and keep them bonded. Companies throughout the nation are utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever and have started...

  • How is a Real Estate Mobile App imperative for Business Growth?

    Mobile apps are imperative! Unlike the times when websites were the first option to look for a brand, today, mobile apps have taken the front row attracting a better user base and building customer trust. Currently, mobile app accounts for over 80% of mobile times wherein 58% of millennials and 46% of homebuyers have found their home on a mobile device!Real Estate market is competitive and not everyone is working the right way, most business...

  • Angular vs. React vs. Vue: Which Platform should you choose for Web App Development?

    Developers often need to decide between different JavaScript frameworks when it comes to developing web applications. React and Angular have been popular frameworks from past so many years however, the positions change and a new one pops up after every six months. Recently, Vue.js has started giving great competition to both other frameworks. According to Stackoverflow survey, Angular framework is being used in about 4,04,149 websites and...

  • Leading CMS Platforms to Build Your Website in 2020

    Undoubtedly, finding the right content management system (CMS) for your website in 2019 - 20 can be a challenging task. With several platforms available on the market today, it can be hard to find the suitable one that can meet the specific business needs. A website plays a role of valuable marketing asset that enables the organization to drive revenue, brand awareness, and customer engagement. However, to attract a huge number of visitors...

  • The Power of Blockchain in Casino Industry

    Blockchain has almost firmed its roots in numerous industries with its never been experienced before features bringing some extra delight for the business owners as well as the users connected.Though almost every industry is familiar with the perks of having blockchain at work, the gambling industry is far beyond implementing the technology. The digital economy is rising, financial transactions are being recorded, reported and kept secured way...

  • How Custom Software Help Startups & Enterprises to Manage Resources Effectively?

    In today’s tech-savvy world, every organization needs efficiency and speed to reach business goals faster and gain a competitive advantage. Only those companies with an innovative team, products, services, and unique business processes can become successful. Businesses, irrespective of the size, has its own specific functions and working conditions that can differ from one organization to another. To fulfill their unique business needs...

  • Top Signs That Shows Your CMS is Outdated

    One of the most important factors that could hamper the success of your website is using an outdated and difficult to use Content Management System (CMS). Just like the software on your PC needs an update, your CMS also needs to be kept up to date. Every CMS needs to be updated to protect them from any unwanted security exploits. Using an obsolete CMS means that your website has the high potential to be exploited. This means your data (or...

  • How Much Chatbot Development Cost in 2020

    Digitization has opened various doors of opportunities for businesses. It has allowed every industry to grow at an accelerated pace and hence provide solutions to the global audience.  Considering the current obsession where people require to get their queries answered instantly, chatbots serve as the perfect solution! According to a survey by Oracle, 80% of respondents (including chief strategy officers, senior marketers and sales...

  • AR is all set to take E-commerce to another level

    E-commerce is an ever-evolving industry amidst a lot of competition. Technology tools have been making the entire buying and selling process simpler and better, while we’re constantly increasing our expectations from mobile applications and high-tech websites which are leading to an all new level of convenience.What’s Augmented Reality all about?  AI is the interface between the real-world environment and computers generated...

  • Big Data is Impacting Real Estate Industry

    Since the very beginning, the real estate industry is letting people find suitable properties and the most loved homes. Improving at every step, the industry has been bringing up new technological advancements each day.Big Data implementations in Real Estate is currently the most talked about technology obsession! Well, you might raise a question over the usage, the need to analytic and the perks of having the technology at work, let...

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