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  • Switching to New CMS? Key Considerations for Website Migration that you Shouldn’t Miss

    Opting for a new CMS platform is exciting, however, website migration is a great challenge. For a successful migration to another CMS, it requires scoping documents, project deadlines, and certified resources. However, at the end of the process, a new CMS will power your online presence and increase demand for the years to come. Being the final stage of the website perfecting puzzle, platform migrations should be done correctly to avoid...

  • Open Source Vs Licensed: Which CMS is Better for Your Business?

    No matter how you plan to grow your business, content is the backbone to interact with your customers and the catalyst for effective growth in almost every channel. If you regularly publish any type of content – on your website, blog or even on social media platforms, etc. having a Content Management System (CMS) is mandatory to help you in managing content accurately & effectively.With the wide range of CMS options available in...

  • Revolution in E-commerce leading to an Internet Obsessed World

    How far can you think of realizing that there is an option to shop online and get them delivered to your home? It’s nearly a decade of getting things conveniently. E-commerce has traveled long, initiating its existence in the 1990s, to the rapid rise of mobile e-commerce, the industry is constantly gearing high.  Amazon has been the best example so far, there is no other e-commerce giant who has been active throughout such a...

  • How Education App Development is Becoming an Effortless Teaching Solution

    There is no denying that mobile has a profound influence in every sphere of our lives which allow us to be faster and better. The education sector is nowhere behind in leveraging the technology. Mobile apps have become an engaging and interactive way of imparting education to millions of students in the real-time.“According to Statistica, 77% of m-learners said adapting technology has helped them to improve their skills.&rdquo...

  • Clavax Honored by Inc 5000 Selection for 2018

    Inc. Magazine has recently released its 2018 edition of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. We are proud to announce that Clavax is ranked no. 927 on Inc’s 37th annual list of top 5000 companies with the position of no. 18 in San Jose and no. 100 in software companies’ section. With the motive to transform the world of software industry with proven capabilities, we...

  • Revolutionize the Future of Business with IoT, Blockchain and AI

    New technological advances are not only making our lives easier but also changing the way we do business. The emerging buzzwords that everyone seems to talk about are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). These three technologies have enormous potential to revolutionize the digital world & are rightly getting all the attention. Let’s explore the trio power and learn their capabilities to transform...

  • Chatbots Raising the Bar for Restaurant Industry

    37% of Americans would use a chatbot to get a quick answer, in an emergency! Interestingly, 15% of Americans are already using a chatbot to interact with a company and that’s how chatbots are speedily surpassing the classic e-mail communication concept, of course to some extent!“Businesses should be available and contactable via messaging applications”, looking at the rising competition in the industry, the biggies have...

  • Google Assistant Vs Siri : Which AI Assistant Has Widen its Lead in 2018

    Voice is the new interface. The AI-powered digital assistants are smart assistants that let us use other devices by just talking to them. Both Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, offer a completely digital infrastructure which is controlled by them.These AI assistants carry out a range of tasks, from scheduling reminders to fixing up appointments with simple voice commands. It retains voice interactions and personal customer information...

  • How to Prevent Cyber Security Attacks with Big Data Analytics

    The evolving growth of the enterprise world is putting organizations at risk of cyber-attacks that has increased tremendously over the years. Research says the rapid digitization will increase the cost of data breaches to $21 trillion by the end of 2019. Today, hackers & cybercriminals are constantly creating bigger threats leading towards the lack of data security, which in turn causes great financial losses and bad reputation of the...

  • Choosing the Better : Native or React Native for Mobile App Development

    Before you start looking for an app development company for your brand debut in mobile apps, consider what shall be the suitable tools, platforms, and framework for the app you’re aiming to develop.The entire mobile app development firms it’s toes on majorly two pillars i.e. either iOS or Android, while some even consider Windows as an option. If you’re a startup, focus on the prior two initially, as the number of OS and iOS...

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