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  • Clavax Technologies’ CTO – Deepak Tomar Shares Mindful Insights of the Company with GoodFirms

    Clavax Technologies is a full-fledged IT Solutions Company, established in June-2011, that offers complete product development starting from documentation of the basic idea, modifying the features, developing them into one integrated software product and launching it to an extremely diversified client base. Clavax also offers further maintenance of managing the servers and App Store Optimization for enhancing the visibility and thereby...

  • GDPR Compliance-Things to Expect from Your CMS Vendor

    If you are a business owner having a website of your own, then you must have heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how important it is to make your website compliant with it before it comes into effect on 25th May 2018. It’s kind of a big deal as non-compliant companies will have to pay heavy fines. You can look back at Kentico 11 EMS’s consent tracking capability that can make your GDPR compliance...

  • How Node.js And Its Releases Charge into The Future of Web

    “Node.js framework has the ability to run the same programming code for both frontend and backend.” That’s what makes it really amazing!With continuous development in technologies, consumers have elevated their expectations thus they are looking for solutions that can beat the best in the market. Increasing demands lead to high pressures on development teams. But thanks to Node.js.Node.js is an open source and cross-platform...

  • Big Data and Blockchain – The Match Made in Heaven

    The massive tech trends that have been taking over almost all our attention are Big Data and Blockchain. While Big Data helps in analyzing data for business insights, Blockchain focusses mainly on changing the nature of transaction together. We know how powerful they are on their own, imagine the magic that will be created by binding Big Data and Blockchain together. Let’s find out if they are the match made in heaven or not. When...

  • How to Make an App that Elevates Business Growth

    Businesses have heard, a mobile app is a key to onboard more customers to your business. And that’s right! According to a survey by mobiforge, 68% of the digital time is now spent on mobile devices in the US.Instead of relying on your customers to find you online, earn their presence on a consumer’s device. In the competitive era, if you want to be successful, your app must offer something that your customers find useful enough to...

  • Why Augmented Reality is a Key Technology for Ecommerce Growth?

    The future of retail industry, especially Ecommerce, lies in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Online shopping has been a hotbed for retail innovation and continues to be the most prominent channel to provide convenience to buy anytime and anywhere. To make online shopping a consistent revenue channel for brands, retailers are transforming the way products will be bought in future with augmented reality.Augmented reality in...

  • How Will Big Data Revolutionize Mobile App Development Industry?

    Remember the time when having a mobile phone in your pocket was a new and exciting feeling? As the technology advances over the years, phones have become an inevitable part of our life that has completely change the way we live or work. We rely on the apps installed on our phones to perform several tasks which involve the use of data. To get insights from the information generated every day by the users while using apps, data need to be...

  • Is Android the Best Fit for Enterprises?

    There is no denial in the fact that Android is one of the most commonly used smartphones loved by many. The use of Android is also becoming common in the enterprise and is making a huge impact on how employees handle their daily tasks despite having only 30% of the enterprise market (2017). Let’s find out how an Android phone is a good option not just for personal use but also for enterprises.Overcoming Hurdles with Android...

  • How Emerging CMS Trends are Making a Difference

    Following the digital revolution, savvy enterprises are exploring innovative ways to harness the surging tide of content. Implementing content management system is a smart way to organize and maintain organization’s ever-increasing volumes of content. Regardless of the industry, it helps your workforce to get smarter and faster in publishing additional information. With powerful CMS search engines, you can enhance online branding by...

  • Will Chatbots Replace the Mobile Apps Completely?

    Technology has undoubtedly made our lives much easier and has become a very important part of our daily lives. With the easy access to connectivity, people can browse internet & get any information required from anywhere & anytime. After the innovation of apps, chatbots & AI are the next big thing that will revolutionize the way people connect with one another. Gartner predicts that 85% of customer interactions will be carried out...

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