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  • How Chatbot will Help Your Business Grow?

    Everyone is talking about chatbot, the latest buzzword in the tech world and how it is helping businesses grow. What might be the exact reason behind the rising popularity of chatbots? Most of the chatbots are based on Artificial intelligence but many fail to understand that the chatbot is much more than any computer programs that allow text conversation with human beings. Let’s find out what chatbot is all about and how it can make your...

  • Kentico11 Coming Soon-What to Expect?

     Ever since the attendees of Kentico’s Roadshow got a first glimpse at the Kentico11 that is releasing on 29th November, they must be curious to learn about the detailed features of it. In the roadshow event that was held on May 2017 in London, the Kentico CEO Petr Palas gave a brief introduction on Kentico11 & Headless CMS along with loads of insights into Kentico’s plan for future. The current popular versions are...

  • IT Head of Clavax took part in the International Kentico Roadshow 2017

    Clavax, the renowned mobile and web app development firm proudly announces its participation in one of the largest Kentico Roadshow events. The event is conducted every year and is organized to showcase the latest news, product updates and other insights from the Kentico world. The main agenda to visit Kentico Roadshow was to enhance the learning on Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud.Clavax and its team believe that participating in these events...

  • Which CMS Suits Your Business – Open Source or Proprietary?

    Developing a proper website needs a lot of efforts among which choosing a Content Management System (CMS) is considered the most important. It may be a hectic task to choose the best CMS as there are several CMS available in the market today.The most reliable way is to determine the suitable CMS that fits your certain requirements & business goals. Every CMS has a different purpose depending on the type of industry you need to build a...

  • Everything You Need to Know from Apple’s iPhone X Keynote

    September is here and the wait is over! Like every other year, Apple’s Event didn’t fail to live up to our expectations. It is the one event that we all are excited about to learn about new iPhones, watch series and much more.This year, Apple decided to surprise their users with the announcement of not just one iPhone model but three in a go along with a mysterious iPhone X. Undoubtedly, iPhone X was the star of the event that...

  • Bringing Augmented Reality in Android with Google ARCore

    Android is the largest mobile platform with the record that exceeds more than 2 billion active users across the globe. Right from the year of launch, the tech experts of Google have been upgrading the Android platform with a rich set of frameworks, tools, and APIs to serve its users in every way possible.Among all the features, Augmented Reality is one thing that has attracted users more than anything else. It has transformed the way humans...

  • Start-up Advice on How to Choose the Ideal App Developer

     With the numerous app development firms available today in the market, it is often considered a difficult task for startups to choose the right one that can clearly understand their specific business requirements. Even if your start-up has a viable business plan, having a strong digital presence before fully going to market is a must to make it successful. Gone are those days when we use to rely only on a website, today we are embracing...

  • Top Factors to Consider Before Building a Chat App

    It has been truly said that journey of making a great app begins with the right app development partner. With the tremendous increase of text messages sent across the world from one user to another, chat apps are becoming very popular these days. While there may be various reasons to build a chat app either as a social networking messenger or a chat app dedicated for your business. As the world embraces a new mode of interaction where they can...

  • How is Artificial Intelligence Driving Mobile Apps Market?

    There is no denial in the fact that Artificial Intelligence has become one of the hottest trends being discussed in business as well as science. Not just leading tech companies like Google, but also many mobile app startups are adopting AI as the part of the mobile app development to transform the customer experience. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, developers are aiming to develop smart apps that will drive the app personalization...

  • Things You Must Know About Blockchain

    There is no denial in the fact that blockchain is one of the indigenous inventions that came after the introduction of Internet. It is the hottest topic that is frequently being discussed nowadays but not many are aware of what Blockchain really is. While most of the people believe that it is a technology behind Bitcoin, the potential use of Blockchain extend far beyond just digital currencies. Let’s find out what is Blockchain and why...

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