Planning & Preventing Pregnancy along
with Accurate Period Tracking Made Easy!


As keeping a track on period cycles is always a task for females, DOT App aimed to provide a safe and reliable solution
for tracking periods, planning a pregnancy or preventing the same. The app targets to maintain a smart
record of female reproductive health details.


icon Challenges

In order to alter the tracking predictions in the most accurate form, for a better understandability with least efforts involved, the basic challenge in the way was converting algorithm to mobile-specific formulas. As it was challenging to convert the original algorithm (of both iOS and Android platform based on different languages) to two separate languages which are required to produce the same result. Clavax focused on creating required mathematic formulae to cope of with the difference in long term results.

icon Solutions

While the results for both Android and iOS platforms were differed by some decimal points which initially (for 3-4 months) wasn't a noticeable issue, but in case of a long-term sequence, the results were quite different than expected. To fill in the gap Clavax created its own native mathematic formulas which made it easy to achieve desired results in both the applications.

  • Unlike competitors, DOT App is one of its kind in differentiating the cycle length on an individual basis. It's the interactive circular UI which makes the app stand out from the competition.
  • Multi-language enablement makes the app more user-friendly and customized as per the region user put in.
  • A user can access her current day pregnancy chances in the app with multiple color labels assigned for a single date. The labels signify the pregnancy chances probability classified as- High, Low, Medium.
  • A unique regular notes functionality along with imperative FAQ's make it clear and precise for the user to access information and make records of personal data as well.

Technology Stack

The Clavax team has used the latest frontend and backend technologies for the development of the DOT app. Some of them are listed as follows:



DOT came up to be a successful application, marking up noticeable downloads and a name among
the targeted audience. The app is quite a reliable choice for the ladies who are looking to maintain their
reproductive data at a single, handy platform.


10,000+ Downloads
in First Quarter


4+ Ranking Achieved for
both Android and iOS app


3000+ Leads Generated
Every Month

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