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Chatbots have come a long way from being a simple text-based solution to AI-powered conversational bots. Embark on AI-enabled journey with Clavax and make it easy for your business to improve customer experience and boost sales.  

Chatbot for E-Commerce
Chatbot for Real Estate
Chatbot in Healthcare
Chatbot in Banking
Chatbot for Manufacturing
Chatbot for E-Commerce

Establish A Loyal Customer Base with Intuitive Bots

Chatbot for e-commerce is trained efficiently to handle customer queries with 100+ situations that often arise during e-commerce support.  From handling customers’ queries to finding the right product in minutes, e-commerce chatbot enables 24*7-hour support to your customers.  Using chatbots, the entire shopping experience is improved and made more fun for the customers.

We are a top-notch chatbot development company London that provides all in one platform to improve customer support, automate customer services, boost workforce productivity, and much more. Supported with certified chatbot developers in UK, the company offers both click-button and typing mechanisms in chat communication which is taking conversational commerce to the next level. With the help of AI-based bots, an e-commerce business can fasten product discovery, provide an immediate response, track user information, and make the purchase easier.

Chatbot for Real Estate

Get the Most Advanced Chatbots to Improve Lead Capturing

The real estate industry is no stranger to the challenges of generating and closing leads. In this time of digitization, you can not afford to let go of your online traffic to the competitors. Do you know, Chatbots can save up to 30% in customer support costs? Now, clients do not wait for answers, they get an immediate response as soon as they show interest in the property.

Chatbots are transforming the way of lead generation. Being a reliable chatbot development company in London UK, we offer an intelligent AI-based chatbot that helps real estate companies to increase customer conversion and customer satisfaction. With a chatbot, your business can schedule property viewings, organize 360-degree virtual tours, automate follow-up processes, and do better time management.

Chatbot in Healthcare

AI-Based Bots Improve Access to Clinical Care

Engaging patients by offering personalized patient care improve patient loyalty and retention. Well-programmed bots are not only available 24*7 but also provide all kinds of health support like prescription refills, minor medication advice, test results, scheduling & re-scheduling an appointment.

With dynamic developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we offer modern chatbot solutions that enable customers to get quick access to information. Under complete compliance with healthcare-relevant standards and regulations, our bots can provide simplified access to health records in real-time. Get in touch with experts to know how much healthcare chatbot costs.

Chatbot in Banking

Facilitating Two-Way Communication with Banking Bots

Major financial services company solve banking operations challenges with Intuitive chatbot solutions. Bots can handle unlimited customer requests and send out alerts to ensure stronger customer engagement. For financial businesses, processes like new customer acquisition, customer behavior analysis, and fraud detection are gone simpler with chatbot solutions.

Being a leading chatbot service provider in London, we transform consumer banking by building chatbots. With AI capabilities chatbots, you can offer better customer support, appropriate financial advice, and effectively cross-sell personalized products. It helps to deliver seamless banking services to their customers better and faster.

Chatbot for Manufacturing

Automate mundane manufacturing tasks using chatbots

The manufacturing industry is a complex sector that includes multiple levels of interaction. With the advent of chatbots, the industry leverages its capabilities in getting relevant information in a quick period. AI and NLP integrated chatbots drive better data-driven insights that help you grow your business at scale.

Using our chatbot development services, we empower organizations to build intuitive chatbots that are easily accessible from any device. Chatbot solutions bridge the gap between various stakeholders and manufacturing teams irrespective of varied time-zones, making the supply chain more efficient.  Our chatbot development team ensures an end-to-end development approach to minimize error possibilities and reduce consumed time. 

Industries in Which We Serve Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Empowered with artificial intelligence, natural processing language, and machine learning technologies, we provide end-to-end chatbot development services. Whether you are looking to build your bots from scratch or develop messaging bots, we provide unmatched chatbot development services in UK exactly customized to your business’ needs.

Facebook Bot

When it comes to messenger apps, the Facebook messenger is the world’s second widely used app among users. Besides the huge user base, Facebook messenger includes a diverse set of features that streamline business processes. Our chatbot development team London, UK implements the latest trends in design and development to grab the attention of millions of users available online.

Slack Bot

Due to its chat-centric interface and focus on workplace activities, Slack is a recommended platform to deploy chatbots for enhancing productivity. We have a certified team of chatbot developers in London, UK who are building a range of APIs for Slack. With Slack APIs, you can add custom features to your workspaces.

Telegram Bot

Telegram bots improve business efficiency by offering answers to frequently asked questions or automating mundane tasks. Hire our chatbot developers in London, UK to undergo secure and convenient telegram chatbot development process and build bots that efficiently interact with customers.    

Microsoft Bot

Being a reliable chatbot service provider in London, we use top-notch frameworks i.e.  Microsoft bot framework to deliver the remarkable user experience. Microsoft azure bot services are easily integrated with multiple platforms and increase customer interactions to foster brand loyalty. 

What Makes Our Chatbot Development Services


We are a top-notch chatbot development firm in London UK having deep expertise in delivering intelligent chatbots that are implemented into diverse domains like e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, delivery services, and much more. Leveraging the capabilities of best-in-class frameworks and latest technologies like Mongo DB and Node. JS, our team of developers build, deploy, and optimize bots with ease.

    • Expert Collaboration
    • Custom-made Solutions
    • Better Business Efficiency
    • Transparent Pricing
    • Diverse Portfolio

Reinventing the Way, you Communicate with your Customers

Scripted/Quick Reply Bots

The type of chatbots is designed to respond instantly to specific commands and specifically phrased questions. During development, our chatbot developers add a script that lets the bot trigger an action or response according to the user’s questions. The bot domain is limited for a customer service chatbot.

NLP Chatbots

At its core, NLP chatbots utilize an AI technology to understand the customer query written in natural language and answer them immediately. With these chatbot solutions, users get all the desired information without any hassle.

Service/Action Chatbots

Service or action-based chatbots are commonly used by the airline industry. It asks relevant questions from the users to complete the request or take a specific action on the request raised. The chatbot helps customers to check flight status, book tickets, check availability, etc.

Social Messaging Chatbots

Social messaging chatbots need not installed separately and are easy to access. Integrated within the social messaging platform (messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.) thus, users can directly interact with the bot like any other app.  

Context Enabled Chatbots

Contextual chatbots aim to figure out what user intends i.e. in which sense the user is asking a question. It then reverts in the same sentiments according to the intentions of the user. The chatbot remember previously asked questions thus, presents the same answer in a more thoughtful way. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are some of its famous examples.

Voice-Enabled Chatbots

Voice-activated chatbots interact with users through voice. These chatbots are capable to accept command in both oral and written form. Our chatbot developers can use text-to-speech and voice recognition APIs to create your voice for your brand.  

Get the Right Chatbot Developers On-Board Now

At Clavax, we offer a pool of talented chatbot developers in London for you to hire and meet your application requirements. Our developers have delivered around 250+ apps successfully to clients worldwide. As a full-stack chatbot development company, we offer flexible chatbot developers who deliver robust chatbot solutions on-time and on budget.

Hire a Dedicated Chatbot Developer
How much a Chatbot Development Costs?

Besides improving customer support, chatbot development services have become an intelligent and efficient channel to get more relevant information from the customers in a shorter period. Enterprises are deploying chatbots to process as many requests at a single time without increasing resources for receiving queries. Though chatbot development asks for a huge amount of money, however, the maintenance cost is comparatively lesser than building any other software. Thus, considered as a one-time investment for companies.
From a trending search of how much to build a chatbot, we get to know many organizations are looking forward to building a chatbot. The cost depends on the type of chatbot you prefer, time is taken to develop the chatbot, backend technologies used, desired interaction level, and location of the development company. Being a reliable chatbot development provider, we offer an accurate and responsive chatbot cost calculator that helps you to determine the approximate cost within minutes. All you need to answer a few questions based on business’ requirements and is done!

Get Chatbot Development Cost

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