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Smart ideas need some expert food delivery mobile app developers with some cutting-edge ideas for technical execution. We're a trusted online food delivery mobile app development services company enabling forward-thinking businesses to deliver top-notch customer experiences with innovative food delivery mobile app development solutions.

Location-Based Offers
Online Ordering
Push Notifications
Loyalty Programs
Online Payments
Location-Based Offers

The probability of getting better footfalls increases when you're sending offers to the customers while they're ranging closer to your outlet. Well, location-based offers do a similar thing to bring more customers aware of your brand with the customized offers which would bring them back to you! Another perk of having location-based offers in your food ordering delivery mobile app is the reachability. You can reach your customers anytime while giving them exclusive deals on their special events including birthday anniversary etc., this can create a sense of connectivity with the customers letting them build a trust in you!

Online Ordering

Every online food delivery mobile app development solutions company states the benefits of having an exclusive food app for online ordering. Being able to order anytime and anywhere what customers love has been one of the major turns to trust a particular food giant and simply get obsessed with its signature dishes. Customers should have the convenience to order their food without making calls and repeating their instructions. Having an online ordering app to order can always add on in the value of a restaurant. Get an online food delivery mobile app solution for building brand reputation and having more footfalls in your food outlet.

Push Notifications

This is one of the most imperative features of having a restaurant mobile app. Push notifications are the small messages which you just send to your customers telling them about your regular offers and deals on various products. Apart from offering based notifications, you can notify your users about the status of order or required information about the tracking or delivery updates. Push notifications is a great tool that elevates the retention level of the users and lets them get stay connected to your brand every time. You can ask your online food delivery software development company to include push notifications in your software solution and help you increase the brand value.

Loyalty Programs

There can be nothing better than having a loyalty rewards program software for your restaurant or food delivery giant business. Implementing some reward programs can help you retain users. You can further reward your users with coupons offering a certain percentage of discount to people, some vouchers given at special occasions, containing codes for purchases within the application. You can offer reward points on their purchases which can accumulate and can be redeemed later, this lets the user have an urge to make more purchases and in turn provide you better profits.

Online Payments

The integration of mobile payment gateway can bring convenience to the users and management team tracking the entire details. Today, we have a lot of options to make online payments including debit/credit cards, wallets, UPI, Amazon Pay etc., each of which lets the customer feel more convenient and connected to your brand. Online payments are also safer and quick. It is better to choose for online payments rather than cash to avoid the hassles of exact change or short if currency! opt for digital payments whenever possible!

Our Technologies are Transforming Online Food Delivery Industries 

With continuous dedication and efforts, we're quite in line with our streamlined services and efficient processing. With our online food delivery mobile application development solutions, you can get your online restaurant ordering mobile app developed in a productive way, enhancing productivity and keep customers at the center of your organization.

Multiple Payment Options

Payment options are required to be more convenient along with the variety which provides the customers with some ease and a range of options to carry on the payment. Our ready to go food delivery mobile app solution offers multiple payment options for the users to let them pay hassle-free and stay convenient all the time.

Takeaway Option

Who doesn't like their order ready to take the moment they enter the restaurant? Here's the catch! Treat your customers with the most useful option to take away the food and let them stay comfortable ordering before, with the payments cleared and picking the meal while passing by! Our cross-platform food delivery application offers smart takeaway options for customers.

Schedule Delivery

Here's another useful feature, customers would love to have! Schedule your orders using delivery options can be one of the possible options to entice more customers and let them conveniently place orders through the food ordering mobile application. Schedule delivery option comes with expected time and date customizations wherein the users can choose as they want.

Help & Support

Be available to your customers whenever they require you! Let the customers know they’re highly valued and heard even when they aren’t placing orders or wish to raise queries anytime. Be right there for quick assistance, anytime, anywhere!

List Categories

It's imperative that the customers have the option to filter categories and choose from the varied range of products and services offered on your delivery platform. Allow the customers to filter based on ratings and other factors including pricing, location, popularity, gender, etc. these options let the customers stay in line with the food delivery platform.

Experience complete feature-packed


Leverage our extensive experience in building restaurant food ordering mobile applications faster with the assurance of business security, key operations, and employee productivity. We add latest technologies including the usage of blockchain technology, Augmented Reality, Internet of things, and Artificial Intelligence helping us to succeed. We bring in power our expertise and deep technological background helping you create a comprehensive online ordering mobile application solution strategy that goes smoothly matching up to your business objectives.

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Our Delivery App Development Process

Idea Validation


We do complete research, survey target users and analyze the consumer’s needs to provide the required outcome.

Develop a Prototype


Post analyzing the data flow and structures, we build scalable, high performing prototypes which can be validated by the clients for better understanding

User Experience


User experience is the key to personalization. We keep ourselves focused throughout the touchpoints and deliver better user experience to our clients

App Development


We create an explanatory roadmap to get the project development done quick & smooth

Quality Assurance


Testing is imperative before we push an app on live! We rectify every possible loophole and check the performance for a better usability



Our mobile app development team ensures the app is successfully launched and ready to go!

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Manage your projects with a team of dedicated food delivery mobile app developers who carry hands-on experience & expertise elevating your business to the next level. Be it, IOS, Android, AR/VR, React Native, Xamarin or cross-platform apps, our delivery app developers are all set to deliver the best.

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It's time to get your business on the smartphone! Clavax is one of the leading food delivery mobile app development companies in USA. With the usage of latest tools and technologies, we offer innovative apps to make inspiring user experiences. Being the top restaurant ordering app development services company, we have collaborated with the global leaders including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Episerver etc. to know more about the complete costings, get an estimate through our mobile app creation cost calculator and get going with the required features you wish to include in your business mobile application.

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