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Custom Solutions for Specific Business Domains 

We have wide-ranging development expertise to meet the unique needs of business across various industries. Our result-driven solutions
help clients deliver great experiences to their customers and acquire maximum contentment with a long-lasting relationship.
To cater to the unique industry needs, we have a team of developers that help each project attain perfection.

we lead in

At Clavax, we serve various industries sectors including Real Estate, eCommerce, Banking, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Sports and more.

Reshape Real Estate Business
with Our Tech-Enabled Service Offerings

We strive to overcome the challenges involved in the property search with our easy-to-use Real Estate digital solution keeping the focus on advanced
technologies and the latest market trends. Our hands-on experience and technical expertise enable our
real estate clients to achieve enhanced business opportunities.  

Discover the Capabilities of

Our Online Real Estate Software 

Auction Software

Search homes by simply browsing properties, bid on the desired one close the deal.

Property Management

Easy access to any property and leasing information available 24 hours a day  

Real Estate App Development

Be more productive & efficient by simplifying sale and purchase of properties 

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Enable buyers & sellers to search/analyze a huge number of property listings  

Evolution of Real Estate in the Digital Age

Realtors use smartphones as their communication technology


Buyers use the internet to search for homes online


Real estate is likely to account for 22% of all drone use by 2020

Technologies Transforming Real Estate Industry

Contracts between buyers & sellers can be done with encryption and in-built legitimacy checks

Big Data

Agents can personalize their clients' properties based on intelligent recommendations

Virtual Walkthrough

VR helped tenants/buyers to walk through properties before making a purchase

Machine Learning

Make predictions for properties & gain knowledge about the ROI of each clients’ transactions

Gain a Competitive Advantage
With Leading Finance Services

Keeping pace with the changing scenario in the banking industry, we have induced ourselves with robust technical expertise to create new value and help
financial institutions become more innovative and agile. Choose next-gen experiences developed by our top
developers to streamline inefficient processes with new strategies and top-class solutions.

Seize New Opportunities

With Our Banking Capabilities  


Redefine banking platforms to enable secure transactions in a multi-channel environment


Facilitate protection services against loss covering client’s personal and business needs


Offer trade financing & receivables discounting products to help banks & financial firms


Help clients through home loans, residential investment property finance, refinancing & debt

Digital Disruption in Banking
3 Billion

Global users will have access to retail banking services by 2021


Banks said expanding their digital presence was the top priority


Users access their bank accounts through mobile banking

Transform Banking Customer Experience with Technology

Promote secure and instant risk-free banking transactions at low expenses

Instant Payments

Enable banks to achieve the transaction speed customers expect of their banking experience


Ensure optimal performance by focusing on areas like risk, fraud, compliance & more

API Platforms

Secure API components integrating across channels like online, mobile, SMS banking, etc.

Create Unique Digital Experiences
For Your eCommerce Business

We specialize in developing custom eCommerce websites and apps that provide not just a highly user-friendly interface but create
a scalable and intuitive shopping experience. Our developers focus on the latest technologies to offer a wide range
of eCommerce services, adhering to quality and delivery in compliance with timeline commitments.  

Delight Customers

With Our eCommerce Services

CMS Development

Avail custom CMS services with any desired functionalities to meet diverse needs

Custom Shopping Carts

Get flexible eCommerce shopping carts tailored to help the business succeed online

Payment Gateways

Integrate payment into your website or app to make user experience more smooth

Third-Party Integration

Seamlessly integrate with multiple software like ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, etc.

eCommerce is Constantly Evolving

eCommerce will take place on a mobile device by 2021


An expected increase in online purchases by 2040

$4.8 trillion

Projected growth in retail eCommerce sales for 2021

Tech Advances Shaping eCommerce World

Let users buy products straight from the chat anytime anywhere with eCommerce chatbot

Voice Search

Boost eCommerce sales by enabling users to search for products through voice assistants

Augmented Reality

Engage shoppers by letting them interact with products before purchase using AR


Know how users behave on your website using insights extracted via AI-based analytics

Redefine Learning Experiences
With Intuitive Education Solutions

The education industry is challenged by digital disruption to prove relevance. Clavax is leveraging the most promising technologies
 to deliver personalized learning, including augmented reality, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence. Our
solutions help teachers and students to improve outcomes from kindergarten to employment.

Explore the Capabilities of

Our Robust Education Solutions

Education Providers

Our expertise helps to organize the resources for driving better educational outcomes.

Education Enablers

Intuitive digital services improve profitability & boost productivity.

Professional Associations

Smart digital solutions maximize learning efficacy.

Assessment Management

We make assessment delivering easier which enhances the classroom experience.

Evolution of Education in the Digital Era
43% of Students

Say that digital learning technologies are extremely helpful for doing their homework.

36% of Institutions

think adapting to digital technologies is a smart way to organize their schedules.

81% of Teachers

find that education mobility systems are helping the students to boost their grades.

Top Digital Transformation Trends in Education Industry

Unlike plain images, AR provides an enhanced view of a real image and VR gives a false perception of reality around them. Both technologies take e-learning to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence

AI systems help you set up a custom learning profile of each student based on their ability to learn, a preferred mode of learning, and experience.


Educational apps leveraging IoT make education more accessible in terms of geography and ability.

Data Management & Analytics

Data Management and Analytics help educational institutes to deal with huge volumes of data gathered from application forms, admission forms, learning statistics, and more.

Advancing Quality of Care with
Tech-Enabled Healthcare Services

To deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare, our experienced developers work at the intersection
of business and technology advancements. Through robust systems and products, we are
uniquely positioned to help healthcare organizations innovate and transform for a digital future.

Explore the Capabilities of

Our Insight-Driven Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Consulting

To keep up with the accelerating pace of change, our digital experts help you embrace new technologies to accelerate productivity.   

Digital Health

We change the way healthcare is delivered through robust digital health strategies.

Operational Transformation

A technology-enabled transformation supports the needs of healthcare providers.

Customer Experience

We offer next-gen transparency solutions to engage customers with real-time information.

Evolution of Healthcare Industry

of healthcare executives report that the pace of innovation in their organization has accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies.

$5.1 billion

The global virtual and augmented reality in the healthcare market is expected to reach $5.1 billion by 2025

$1.23 billion

Market research firm has estimated that the global chatbot market will touch $1.23B by 2025, a compounded annual growth rate of 24.3 percent.

Enabling Healthcare Industry to Harness the Power of Latest Technologies
Artificial Intelligence

AI-based solutions identify potential patient’s behaviors thus alert caregivers about patients at risk, improve health outcomes, and lower treatment costs.


Embracing automation in healthcare has helped caregivers to optimize clinical workflows, and empower medical staff with the right information.


Blockchain technology in healthcare help healthcare providers to gain secure, faster, and simplified access to electronic medical information.

Healthcare Analytics

Create an impact in the healthcare industry by focusing on insights into hospital management, patient records, diagnoses, and much more.

Shift to Experience-Driven
Media & Entertainment Platform

Our deep expertise and digital know-how lead to accelerating your digital adoption journey at scale. At Clavax, we help
broadcasting, entertainment or advertising organizations stay ahead of the competitive curve by redefining their
revenue models and leveraging modern technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain.

Discover the Capabilities of

Agile Media & Entertainment Services

Customer Insights

We help you create a personalized platform powered by smart tech, drives seamless experience across multiple channels.

Content Delivery

We streamline content management workflows to enhance user experience.

Advertising Service

With our comprehensive advertising services, we help you grow your business effectively.

Mobility Services

Leveraging the best of mobile technology, we deliver a unique proposition to “Connected Consumer” & boost productivity.

Evolution of Media & Entertainment Solutions
720 billion USD

In the United States, the entertainment and media market services are expected to grow over 720 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.


Of consumers think their media services know what they want to watch better than they do themselves.

329 million USD

Artificial Intelligence (AI) spend in media and entertainment industry in United States has reached up to US$ 329 million in 2019

Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing Media & Entertainment Industry
Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive technologies (AI, ML, and NLP) facilitate turning unstructured information into meaningful data for better customer engagements and higher monetization.


IoT-enabled entertainment technology solutions enhance media companies’ ability to deliver content to all connected objects, seamlessly.

Augmented Reality

AR advertisements give interactive and life-like experiences to consumers thus create deeper connections between people and the brand.

Data Analytics

Leverage the power of data insights to make real-time decisions about the allocation of marketing budgets for all types of promotions.

Top-notch solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Bringing smart solutions to manage your inventory, service, data, staff and the most impactful customer relationships with a technology
integrated system bringing you the convenience to manage, track and report relevant information about your restaurant business.
Let’s get going with the ready to use POS system, giving you the flexibility to configure the
existing solutions or start afresh!

Features We Offer

Latest technologies Uplifting the Restaurant Industry

Point of Sale

Our POS system is a pro at managing almost everything for your restaurant business

Loyalty & CRM

Let your customers have reasons to love you more! Pamper them with the impactful services

Merchant Services

Payments aren’t a tough deal! Manage the merchants with our smart features

eCommerce Platform

Manage your platform exactly the way you require to without any specific technical skills

Restaurant Industry evolving digitally!
56% of consumers

Have restaurant food delivered through apps rather than pick up/dine in

11% of sales

Mobile orders are projected to make up 11% of all QSR sales by 2020


Mobile represents 60% of all digital restaurant orders today

Technologies transforming the Restaurant Industry
Augmented Reality

AR is leading the way, unlocking new opportunities to transform the customer experience

Artificial Intelligence

AI provides a wealth of data on customer spending habits, enhancing your business strategies

Self-Serve Kiosks

Ordering, checkout, and amazing dining experience! It’s the era of the self-serve kiosks

Predictive Ordering

By analyzing a restaurant’s sales history, predict the needed items and plan smartly

Impactful Solutions for Everything Sports!   

We’re ready to go with our suites of services that have been revolutionizing the sports industry. Let’s drive engagement with a feature packed mobile application
 made through an easy to use mobile platform.  

Our Feature Highlights

We’re a pro in getting you the most required features for your sports app

Geolocation & Navigation

Your app can serve better once your customers have the option to travel to you whenever they need to!  

Content Management

Manage your app content then and there! It’s a new road to get on an glowing term the 

Push Notifications

Let your customers know you value their loyalty! Send push notifications through your mobile app  

Live Streaming

Customers love what’s trending! Let them stream live and checkout the latest on the go!

Sports Industry is evolving digitally
3500 hours

3500 hours of athletics content were broadcast across the web, mobile, tablet, desktop and UK TV in July and August 2018

VR headsets

VR headsets are used by international teams to create simulated rugby scenarios, improving player’s mental learning, visualization & decision making

1200 domestic TVs

The two giant television screens at Wembley Stadium are equivalent of 1200 domestic TVs.

Technologies transforming the Sports Industry
Big Data

Through big data solutions, we help sports agencies and the business owners to check on the elements which are blocking your way to reach the potential customers.

Data Analytics

The sports teams and athletes could benefit even from the slightest of the improvements and with the use of data analytics, the tiniest details of athlete’s performance can be studies and improved.

Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics

The sports disciplines including running, ice skating etc. the aerodynamic drag force constitutes the major obstacle.

Portable Sensors

Handy sensors are always a benefit either for the athlete or the sports agencies tracking the performance.

Digital Technology Partner for
Logistics & Transportation

Create an agile business with a skilled team working exclusively for easing the process of logistics and transportation. Bringing advancements in speed and letting the complete management process implemented efficiently.

Features to enhance the working possibilities

We’re a pro in getting you the most required features for your logistics solution

Analytics & Data Integration

We simplify the long process of logistics with a strong data integration system


We help in optimizing complex distribution networks through our technology solutions

Warehouse Management

Coring up the extra costings of managing multiple warehouses, we help to optimize your efforts

Data Mining

Our skilled AI team help your business deal with the significant inefficiencies and manage likewise.

Facts to bring you closer to logistics!

Of logistic companies said that they’re interested in introducing some sort of automation into their supply chain.


Of transportation & logistics companies say that they have digitized their operations.

US$ 6,300 Billion

The global logistics market is projected to reach a value of US$ 6,300 Billion by 2024.

Adding up to the Technology Stack

Robots are cutting down the manual efforts bringing ease and convenience possible without a human effort.

Machine Learning

Automate your supply chain network and gather necessary insights directly related to tracking, internal functions, and backend of logistics.


Blockchain can be the most used technology simplifying the documentation process which may otherwise prove quite bothersome.


Drones are faster, though still a future technology to implement. In a few more years, drones will be the easiest way to deliver food & packages.

Tools & Technologies

We believe in delivering solutions aligned with the latest technologies that
helped businesses reimagine their goals more effectively.

Clients We’ve
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