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We understand that your business revolves around your customers making it inevitable for you to know what drives them to build a long-term relationship. Being the top Loyalty Software Development Company for Banks, Finance or any industry in the US, we enable organizations to delight their customers with custom loyalty programs that help to gain new customers and retain the existing ones effectively.

Point-Based Programs
Tiered-Based Programs
Cashback Programs
Coalition Loyalty Programs
Point-Based Programs

The point-based loyalty solutions are the ones where your customers earn some amount of points for every transaction like online purchase or in-store shopping. These points can be redeemed for products, offers, gift cards, e-vouchers, etc. Additionally, points can be earned from actions like referrals, first-time registration, task completion, etc.
Clavax is one of the leading loyalty platform providers in the US that help companies to assess their customers’ preferences and behaviors to build a personalized loyalty program delivering the best rewards suitable to needs. The loyalty points program works best for those businesses with frequent and short-term purchases.

Tiered-Based Programs

Another type of loyalty we offer is a tiered loyalty program where the focus is on tracking customer purchases and special benefits are given to the customer that reaches a specific level. This program is beneficial for short-term and long-term rewards, as it acts as the best way to encourage repeat purchases and increase the average order value.

Most of the loyalty solution providers believe that tiered programs are the best way to help businesses focus on high-value customers. At Clavax, we ensure to develop loyalty program for banks that keep track of customers reaching a specific milestone based on the money they spent and offer personalized rewards accordingly. If you are planning to go for this program, make sure that your customers are fully aware of the benefits associated with each level and how much more they need to spend to move to the next level.

Cashback Programs

In cashback loyalty programs, a formula is used which is simple and straightforward – here customers spend some amount during their purchase and get some amount of it as a cashback. The cashback can be in the form of points, value or anything that can be used for future purchases. Commonly used in many industries such as retail, banking and finance instituition, and insurance, etc. this program helps in driving incremental visits and sales.
There are several loyalty program providers for banking, finance instituition and eCommerce that offers cashback program as it is often considered as higher value as compared to other loyalty rewards like promotional discounts. For every X amount your customers spend, your business will give Y amount of money back. Get in touch with our experts to learn about the best loyalty program for banks that can help to increase the transaction amount spent by customers.

Coalition Loyalty Programs

As the name suggests, a coalition program deals with two or more businesses that are partnered to offer rewards and incentives by sharing common customer data. This program creates a win-win situation for both brands as well as customers. It expands the branch reach into a larger customer base and customers get a chance to earn rewards faster.
For those brands who want to opt for a coalition loyalty program, Clavax ensures that all the administrative and ongoing costs are shared among brands, thereby reducing the cost to a huge extent. This works best for those brands that are new in the market as they can easily get access to a large set of customers who are already registered in a coalition program. Talk to the expert team of the fastest-growing loyalty program software development company for banks and finance instuitions to delight customers in the best possible way.

Industries We Serve

We keep your customers engaged by intelligently rewarding them with personalized rewards through a wide range of loyalty program for banks. With the latest technologies and specialized talent, we enable clients across various industries to deliver exceptional customer experiences through the right loyalty solutions.

Retail & eCommerce

With year-long expertise in custom loyalty software program development aligned with various advanced technologies, we help businesses to add value and delight customers with personalized experiences with our top-notch eCommerce loyalty software.

Travel & Bookings

To drive customer acquisition in a digital-first world, we build incentive-based loyalty programs for cab/taxi service providers by offering rewards to their drivers & engaging the most active users. From the referral code to special coupon codes, brands can increase engagement using rewards based on usage.

Food & Beverages

With the customized Loyalty Program Software for Restaurants, we help businesses to engage the first-time customer with rewards encouraging them to come and dine again. Get in touch with the top restaurant loyalty program providers to make loyal users spend more & generate larger transactions.

Fuel & Convenience

We offer a wide range of loyalty programs for gas stations and convenience stores to help them improve the experience across the customer journey, thereby improving loyalty and return visits through services like order ahead, scan & go, pay at the pump, etc. 

Banking & Financial Institutions

We understand that loyalty programs for banks and financial services are the most effective tool for customer retention aiming to increase the brand love and frequency of purchases for the bank and insurance companies. With the help of loyalty program for banks and finance, customers are incentivized more and get encouraged to use banking services more often.

How Our Loyalty Program Helps

Banking & Finance Institutions?

Banks and Financial Institutions are constantly looking out for a better way for improving customer retention and becoming trusted partners & reliable sources for better business outcomes. We provide technology enriched loyalty program for banks through a customized loyalty solution for your business. Providing the best in class features, we’re at the top of every business need.

    • Unified Customer Profile
    • Reconciliation System
    • Complex Rule Based Campaigns
    • AI Driven Insights
    • BI Powered Forecasting & Reporting

Steps to Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Program Software

Review Existing Customers

Before developing a loyalty program, it is important to analyze how frequently your customer is buying in a year, type of products they usually buy, how much profit can be earned from their purchases, etc. Our developers will review all the existing customers to check if the loyalty program will be beneficial or not.

Plan Loyalty Program

Being one of the top listed loyalty software solution providers, we will first study the current level of customer satisfaction using techniques like surveys, interviews, etc. The analysis helps in finding out the customers with frequent purchases that can be become more profitable in the future.

Define Goals with CRM

It is always advisable to set your business goals and measure them from the start before investing in the program. Take the help of our CRM software to manage the customers' data and get an idea about the probability of the increase in sales by spending a few additional expenses.

Create a Budget

Loyalty mainly focusses on winning new customers & driving incremental revenues out of existing ones. Decide a budget plan for each loyalty segment, one for retention and another for new users. Still confused? Talk with our experts to build the best Customer Loyalty Program Software at a minimal budget.

Finalize Target Customers

Keeping the focus on your target audience is necessary if you want your loyalty program to be successful. Our expert team ensures that we categorize your customers based on the evaluation criteria suitable to your unique business needs.

Deliver Personalized Rewards

We ensure that we improve the portfolio of repeat customers to enhance loyalty by choosing tactics that helps in building better relationships. Our developers will analyze the customer’s purchase history and behavior to deliver personalized rewards or incentives.

Need a Customized Loyalty Program for Banks?

Make your customers feel valued with a tailored Customer Loyalty Program Software built exclusively to analyze and understand their individual preferences. Contact us to start delivering delightful experiences with rewards they actually want!

Hire a Dedicated Developer
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Ready to Use Loyalty Program for Banks

Get a wide range of loyalty programs focused on different audience segments to engage your customers with tailored rewards and offers that are relevant to their needs. With all the essential features & pricing complementing your budget, we are on the verge of bringing you a customized experience with smart loyalty solutions for banks and finance instituition. We enable organizations to focus on important business goals with the flexibility of keeping customer management at bay. Increase your business profits and accelerate growth with a cloud-based loyalty built for your business.

Ready-Made Novus Loyalty Platform

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