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Known as a leading mobile app development company in New Jersey, Clavax holds decade-long expertise in providing futuristic app development solutions to startups and enterprises around the world. Our team of mobile app developers is focused on creating apps with a wide range of advanced features that enable clients to address the ever-changing market trends through an innovative approach.

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A Glimpse of our Mobile App Development Services

Custom Mobile App Development

We focus on designing and developing your own custom app rather than the more conventional and standard ones to address particular challenges that your target audience might be facing and fulfill your specific business needs effectively. Hire our in-house mobile app developers that offer strategy, design, prototyping, development, maintenance & more.

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Enterprise Android Mobile App Development

Whether you need to quickly migrate from your old OS version to a new one or make a transition from a hybrid state to the native Android state, we have got them covered. We can also replicate your existing iOS or Android app to any desired platform along with its upgrade like posting app updates to the Play store after reviewing app feedback.

Mobile App Development Consultation

We keep the focus on delivering mobile app development consultation services across all platforms i.e. Android and iOS based on your requirement. If you are facing any doubt and need assistance, our team is always open to help you in brainstorming sessions and discussing any new technology-related updates.

Mobile App Maintenance & Support

You can connect with our expert mobile app developers to maintain and support your mobile app throughout the year even after the deployment of the app on the play store. After keeping the focus on in-app reviews and feedback from users, we help to keep your app rightly positioned with regular updates.

Mobile App Testing & Quality Assurance

Our app developers work in collaboration with the QA team to plan and conduct various aspects of tests and quality assurance sessions to bring out the best outcome from your app. This allows your in-house team to stay focused on innovation while we take care of your app in every way.

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Mobile App Development Services across Various
Industry Verticals

eCommerce Apps

Our team offers a wide range of top eCommerce services to meet emerging market opportunities and changing consumer trends, enabling brands to engage more customers towards their businesses with more conversion.

Healthcare Apps

Make use of our healthcare-based apps that enable seamless communication between patients and doctors. Based on HIPAA compliance, our experts can build custom healthcare apps that leverage technology for improved patient health outcomes.

Banking & Finance Apps

If you want to provide seamless banking services in just a tap to your customers, go for banking and finance apps and offer enhanced experiences to build stronger customer bonds. You can go beyond personalized digital banking with the integration of a loyalty program.

Travel Apps

Whether you are planning to build a basic or advanced tourism-based app, our experts will help you out with everything, helping brands take care of ROI and match the care of business operations with ease.

Logistics Apps

You no longer have to worry about order tracking, delivery of goods, or inventory challenges. Make use of our logistic mobile app development solutions to streamline operations daily & make a difference right from day 1.

eLearning Apps

We ensure digital educational firms redefine education with robust capabilities that reduce the learning gap between students and teachers. These eLearning mobile solutions help to attain better learning outcomes with anytime access to the features

Social Networking Apps

Leverage our social media-friendly development frameworks to help businesses build an engaging community through social networking apps that make use of collaboration and networking.

Automotive Apps

Let our automotive-based apps help you with real-time vehicle tracking and parking, fuel usage, crash alert & engine performance data for better efficiency and offering unique value & satisfaction to customers.

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Case Studies

A Glimpse of Our Mobile App Development Projects

We ensure to launch custom-made and innovative mobile app solutions that can solve real market challenges and create delightful experiences for their users.


Skitely is an instant messaging app used at the enterprise level to share texts, documents, pictures, and videos. Unlike WhatsApp that supports a maximum of 256 people in a group, Skitely has a 'wow' feature to add multiple users to a group without any limit.


Downloadfood.in provides you with more than 1500+ restaurant listings and 2500+ Cuisines, reviews and more for restaurants and recipes spread over Delhi NCR. Facility to reorder with only a single click, Daily offers, keep track record of your orders, save orders, save your favorite Restaurant , reviews of restaurant and many more.

Life Club Rewards

LifeClub Rewards is a loyalty program application that offers you an instant rewards every time you shop for medicines at a participating pharmacy. With this loyalty program, you can earn up to 5% reward for every $1 you spend in purchasing non-prescription products at the medicine store. The accumulated reward points can be redeemed at any point of time, so you get the benefit of spending less for every purchase you made.


Dot app effectively assists you in both family planning and birth control. Based on sophisticated science, the application provides a simple way to help you to understand your conception risks and effectively make use of the valuable information for your healthy future. Once you have that information, you can easily take control of your reproductive health and plan or prevent pregnancy accordingly.


Casa Mozambique app is an easy-to-use platform that provides an all-round solution to all your housing requirements. It connects the buyer with the broker in an effective manner. Moreover, Casa Mozambique comes up with various other features including rental services, tourist resorts and much more. Along with that, get all the relevant information regarding the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Mozambique.


Eventfo is an integrated website and phone application that allows event organisers to display all forms of event information. The Eventfo application provides users with instant access to all event information, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are seeking event schedules, venue maps or accessing your own customised event schedule, eventfo will take you there!


TradeSearch is the leading business platform that helps tradesperson to manage & grow their business with the best trade features available in the website and the mobile app. The app connects tradies with the customers in real time & helps them in building their local business. It also provides an easy access presenting the list of all the qualified contractors as per the user's job requirements.

Debbies Book

Debbies Book is the online resource for props, set dressing, set decorators, prop masters, and planners of film, tape, and theater productions, events, trade shows, store planners, and themed environments. It's considered a must have for people working in television and film production today.

Popcorn Messaging

Popcorn Messaging introduces a new way to text message friends without cell service or an internet connection. Popcorn Messaging allows you to privately chat with others within 1 mile. Immediately discover what people around you are doing - converse with others at live events, meet new people, and share meaningful thoughts amongst the local community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better for mobile app development- a hybrid or native approach?

Both approaches have their pros and cons, which is why you must choose depending on your app idea, the purpose of the mobile app, and your target audience. Native apps work best with all devices that run on specific software for a flawless user experience. Hybrid apps work on multiple platforms with the help of plug-ins and are usually quicker to build with lower development costs.

What is a ballpark estimate to build an app?

There is no exact way to calculate the cost as each app has its features and complexity leading to different app development costs. However, the estimated development cost comes from $5,000 to $500,000 and maybe more based on the scope and complexity.

How do you differentiate between cross-platform and Native App development?

In cross-platform app development, code is only written once and can be deployed on any platform like iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. On the other hand, native app development uses default language and IDE for iOS and Android, such as Objective C/ Swift with xCode for iOS apps and JAVA/ Kotlin with Android studio for Android apps.

What are the steps I must follow to hire a developer?

You must first analyze your task requirements before building the app that you want the developer team to work on. Depending on the chosen developer and technology, finalize the agreement with the sales team. Post confirmation, the developer team can start the work.

What is Android and iOS app development?

Android app development deals with the development of apps for Android OS targeting Android smartphone users while iOS app development is all about building apps for the iOS platform targeting iPhone users. Clavax can help you in creating both iOS and Android apps at an affordable cost.

Why should I choose Clavax for mobile app development?

Clavax has decade-long expertise in dealing with a wide range of Android and iOS app development services that drive customer satisfaction and revenue for businesses. Followed by an agile end-to-end process, our team takes time to understand your specific business needs to build custom-made apps that work seamlessly for your business goals.

How can you build iOS and Android mobile apps?

When you look for a reliable development partner, you must first know your app needs and what solution you need to offer to your customers. Once it is clear, you can check out our expert iOS and Android app development services. You can consider either working with freelance developers or in-house app developers that offer wide app services for different industries.

How much does it cost to build an Android app?

Android app development costs can vary depending on different apps with multiple features like the complexity of app design. However, the average cost of the app can come under $30k to $700k. If you want to find out how much the app will cost, you can get a quick estimate with the help of our smart app cost calculator where you will answer a few questions to get a quick estimate.

How much time does it take to develop a mobile app?

The app’s complexity is one of the main factors that impact the development timeline but the average estimate is around 4-6 months. It can be less or more depending on the app features you are planning to add to your app. Another way that decides the app development time is whether you are building the app from scratch or updating an existing one. An MVP is built faster and you can start building from there. Other aspects are app type, integrations, and the amount of collaboration.

How can I make my mobile app secure?

We ensure to make every mobile app secure by keeping it in its security “sandbox” and avoiding mixing it up with other apps. Every app has a unique virtual machine, which means code always runs in isolation. Additionally, our team always goes beyond the standard security standards for the security of every Android and iOS app.

Will Clavax help with in-app updates and maintenance services even after it is launched?

Yes, we offer a broad range of mobile app development services such as testing, implementation, modification & maintenance support apart from development to ensure that your app is up and working as per the changing demands.

Will I own the source code of the iOS and Android apps?

Many app projects are built based on open-source coding, which can create efficiency and drive faster time to market for your apps but you cannot own the open-source coding. Clavax team uses transparent processes to ensure that you know everything about your app even if it cannot be owned by you or anyone else.

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