Why Choose Us Clavax as Your Mobile App Development Partner?

Our mobile app development experts focus on delivering high-performing apps that fuel business growth & add value to customers' lives.

Scalable Architecture

We develop mobile apps using robust and evolutionary architecture principles highlighting flexibility, adaptability and continuous improvement enabling brands to adapt with constant market changes.

Data Synchronization with Ease

We keep mobile apps in sync with backend systems through seamless data synchronization, providing users access to the latest information irrespective of the device they use, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Security Guaranteed

Our experts ensure that your mobile app is secured to avoid data breaches with the help of regular security audits & implementing encryption, authentication, and authorization features.

Transparency Intact

We believe in clear communication with the client to ensure they are actively involved in every development step, which helps to make a successful, collaborative, and innovative project.

Taking Brands to Next Level with
Our Mobile App Development Services

Our experts have deep tech expertise in using the best mobile platforms, features and development frameworks, tools, and development methods to offer exceptional custom mobile apps that help to boost business efficiency at lower costs.

Mobile App Consulting

From budget planning, app architecture blueprints, market research or anything, we are always available to assist with building the right strategy and get the best value for your investment.

Mobile App Design

To help your app stand out of the crowd, our experts help in delivering personalized UI-UX design services with intuitive interfaces thereby promoting better conversion and enhanced engagement.

Mobile App Development

Irrespective of which industry your business belongs to, we have extensive expertise to build web, mobile and cloud apps of various complexity levels & meet specific business needs.

Mobile App Migration

Whether you need to migrate your app to a cloud or any other environment, we work with top platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc. to ensure a seamless app migration process and prevent downtime or data loss.

Mobile App Testing

Our end-to-end QA testing services ensure that every app we design goes through rigorous testing processes to uncover any defects or bugs and vulnerabilities that can impact operations.

Mobile App Modernization

To meet the evolving customer needs & latest market trends, we offer app modernization services to enhance any outdated or ineffective part of the legacy software helping brands recover poor performance or usability problems.

What Success Looks Like

Robert Friedman Auction.com

"We have been partnered for more than 5 years now and the team has done a great job! We use them now and we plan on using them in future!"

Robert Friedman

Co-Founder and Chairman of Auction.com
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Our Mobile App Development Expertise in New Zealand

Having vast technical expertise in various industries, our custom mobile development solutions help businesses around
the globe to manage and modernize their business processes for seamless user experiences across all platforms.

React Native

Having expertise in building fast and feature-rich business mobile apps, our skilled react native app developers help in delivering end-to-end services that enable clients across the globe to utilize React Native web framework, which is swift, efficient, and highly scalable.


Our flutter app development team can develop functionally rich, visually appealing, and chart-topping cross-platform apps suitable for web, mobile as well as desktop. We ensure brands get high-quality native interfaces with guaranteed zero platform differences.


If you are planning to build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows using C# and .NET, connect with our expert developers to build Xamarin apps with high user experience for native platforms. Start your development process today to build high-performing apps for industry segments.

Apache Cordova

Another option is to build top-notch hybrid apps that work perfectly with Android, iOS, and across all platforms using Cordova. For reliable Cordova app development services, you can get in touch with our expert developers to build customized mobile apps at an affordable rate, ensuring seamless performance.


If you are thinking to update your mobile app with our NativeScript development services, connect with our app experts and get a native UI experience and high performance in both iOS and Android platforms using a single code base. Liberate your development using platform APIs to create cross-platform apps.


Our app development experts offer a wide range of tools that help businesses to build native iOS and Android apps along with mobile-friendly Progressive Web Apps using different web libraries, frameworks, and languages. Embrace digital transformation & deliver ever-lasting value with Ionic Framework.


Having extensive experience in building high-performing HTML5-based apps, our skilled app developers can design and develop multi-platform apps with the help of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to not just build web apps as well as native mobile apps.

Industries We Serve

Having vast technical expertise in various industries, our custom mobile development solutions help businesses around
the globe to manage and modernize their business processes for seamless user experiences across all platforms.

Banking and Finance
Banking & Finance
Real Estate
Real Estate
Travel and Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
Retail and Ecommerce
Retail & Ecommerce

Our Work in Mobile App Development


Bhilkidma is Kuwait's online marketplace helping local users to connect with service professionals in real-time for home maintenance and repair services through the Android and iOS apps. This platform supports features like real-time service order tracking, integrated calendar with scheduling, payment processing, live invoice generation, etc. making life more fulfilling and easier for Kuwait people by solving their needs in a click!


Dot app effectively assists you in both family planning and birth control. Based on sophisticated science, the application provides a simple way to help you to understand your conception risks and effectively make use of the valuable information for your healthy future. Once you have that information, you can easily take control of your reproductive health and plan or prevent pregnancy accordingly.


Casa Mozambique app is an easy-to-use platform that provides an all-round solution to all your housing requirements. It connects the buyer with the broker in an effective manner. Moreover, Casa Mozambique comes up with various other features including rental services, tourist resorts and much more. Along with that, get all the relevant information regarding the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Mozambique.


Currencykart is leading platform to earn money online through foreign exchange trading. Through this app, you can keep all the currency rates at your fingertips and able to sell and buy foreign currencies anytime.


HeyCare is a healthcare application, developed to provide the best medical services. From uploading prescription to buying medicines and wellness products, it is a perfect online medical store for all easy-going people.


Skitely is an instant messaging app used at the enterprise level to share texts, documents, pictures, and videos. Unlike WhatsApp that supports maximum 256 people in a group, Skitely has a 'wow' feature to add multiple users to a group without any limit.


Technology Stacks for Mobile App Development

From concept to deployment, we offer feature-rich native iOS, Android, cross-platform or PWA leveraging a wide range
of robust technologies, modern tools, & frameworks.

  • Methodolgy
  • Mobile
  • UI/UX
  • Web & Hybrid
  • Database & Backend
  • Cloud




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objective C

Objective C


Xamarin Forms





android sdk

Android SDK





after effects

After Effects



html 5






angular js






vue js


node js


node js




















google ae

Google AE





Mobile App Development Process We Follow

From concept to deployment, we offer feature-rich native iOS, Android, cross-platform or PWA leveraging a wide range
of robust technologies, modern tools, & frameworks.

Strategy & Planning

Our experts will connect to know your requirements better and help you create a strategy for the development and launch of your new mobile app or web app. After that, we will plan the development and make the initial designs and wireframes.

UX Design & Development

To get the best possible results, we will refine the design based on your feedback and the expertise of our UI and UX design professionals. We have a bunch of experienced developers that are well-versed in all the latest programming languages and can create the code for your new app using multiple iterations and an agile development approach.

Continuning Support

Even after completing the launch phase of your app, we provide full support in getting the app listed on the relevant app store and help in maximizing the number of app downloads. Not just that, we also provide ongoing support, upgrades, and enhancement of the app functionality when required.

mobile apps that connects and engage

Ready to build mobile apps that connect & engage?

At Clavax, we don't just build mobile apps. We focus on generating better business outcomes. Connect with our experts to help us create what you want with cutting-edge technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure that you build an app that exceeds expectations?

Our experts take time to understand every project's needs and their customers' demands. We make use of an agile custom software development process to adapt & update with regular feedback from clients and deliver the best possible results.

Which mobile app should I build- iOS or Android?

Know your target audience first before you pick the desired app platform. You can also choose to build both through cross-platform frameworks for enhanced reach and maximum app downloads. For any queries, feel free to connect with experts that can help you with the best approach to achieve business goals as per your budget and requirements.

Will your team help in offering app maintenance and updates?

Yes, our team will ensure that you get the ongoing support you need even after app development ensuring that your app stays updated. Whether it's a feature update or an operating system update, we ensure that your app works perfectly, as desired.

Why choose Clavax for mobile app development solutions?

We have year-long expertise in building and deploying mobile apps that are aligned with new technologies, our app development experts offer forward-thinking app solutions with after-release support to ensure that it works perfectly over time and delivers fruitful outcomes.

How much time will it take to develop mobile apps?

The time taken for the development of the app depends on the scope of the app and the features you wish to add to the app. This means, lesser feature means lower time and the app with more advanced features will take weeks and even months to complete.

Will my app data be safe and secure?

Yes, we integrate all security aspects that are needed to keep the data and code safe from any security breach. Additionally, for the safety of the backend of the app, we ensure that it is SSL protected to avoid any kind of vulnerability.

Will you help in providing support after the app launch?

Yes, our team will be more than happy to assist in any kind of support like marketing or promotion of the app even after the launch. Connect with our expert team to help us understand your needs more specifically.

What is the difference between native, hybrid and web apps?

Native apps are the ones that are built exclusively for a platform such as iOS or Android and require installation to use it. Hybrid apps on the other hand use web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. The last type is a web app, which doesn't need to be downloaded or installed and can be easily accessed via a web browser.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

We cannot find out the exact development cost before development as it depends on several factors such as complexity, features and more. Usually, the cost of building a basic app with simple features costs a few thousand dollars while more advanced apps with complex features will cost hundreds and more.

What are PWA and why I must build it for my business?

PWA, Progressive Web App is an app that is built with the help of web technologies but offers a great user experience like a platform-specific native app. These apps are compatible with any device, version, and operating system. They offer benefits like push notification, enhanced security, offline support, enhanced speed, local data caching and act faster than responsive websites.

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