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Property Management

With the support of cloud-based architecture, our impactful solutions provide easy access to the leasing & the property information available, round the clock. We build CRM apps for complete property management in order to store contact information, leases, move-in & move-out schedules, further maintaining better communication between landlords & tenants. The most common type of property management is where the buyers enjoy a wide selection of systems that help manage apartments, condos or houses, including core functionality of accounting and tenant tracking along with portals and vacancy marketing. Consider real estate software development as the most reliable option for fitting in the technology stack. Our comprehensive approach to real estate solutions ensure that property managers across multiple real estate markets have solutions that are potential to solve specific real estate management requirements.

Auction Software

We develop custom auction software to make the buyers and sellers interact at one transparent marketplace for conducting complete real estate auctions. Our ready to launch platform helps you to search for your new home, browse the available properties and let the potential buyers bid on the desired property to close the deal! We’ve brought the smoothest ever solution to simplify online auctions and serve as a complete solution for the sellers, longing for a platform to list their properties and buyers, searching for the best property suiting their budget.  Get going with a real estate development software to auction properties and find out the right solution for your business. your auction software isn’t just a real time bidding engine, it’s much more than that! Avail multiple options of getting the property auctioned by scheduling the auction, letting the users to place their suitable bid and making real time bidding. With an auction software so accurate, the auctioneers, bidders and the agents can simultaneously avail the perks of having everything listed at a single platform.

Real Estate App Development

Apps have witnessed a significant rise and none of the industries denies the importance. The real estate industry does require an application to connect the buyers and sellers and let them find & sell properties. Our real estate app development company is striving to take the property market from the traditional aspects to a digitally sound system and increase the presence, to let it reach the buyers and sellers with an improved property buying experience. The core benefits include the ease of accessing property options through a handy device, contacting the agents then and there and shortlisting the verified properties for a site visit, further facilitating in finalizing the deal.

Multiple Listing Service

Our multiple listing services platforms enable the buyers and sellers to search/analyze a huge number of property listings improving reliability & efficiency in the marketplace. It leverages real estate business with tailored search engines & spreadsheet apps for statistical analysis with the offline, online and mobile access. Clear and sorted listings aren’t just a plus for the agents or sellers, instead it can be quite appealing to the buyers looking for properties at their desired specifications. our smart real estate software solutions enables the MLS to get updated on daily basis, making information up and live minute to minute. MLS are organized and operated by professional, licensed real estate agents, the biggest benefit of having an option of MLS in your real estate software is elimination of a percent of sales commission which is paid to the brokers.

Real Estate Valuation Engines

Our real estate software determines valuation & analysis for a wide range of properties without error & time drain. With the support of predictive analytics, it offers an easy and intuitive user interface with thorough projections. The real estate valuation engines can be quite a useful tool to determine the property value and let the customers make a smooth decision as and when required. Determining the real estate valuation and analytics for a large number of properties is tough to handle without a few sinks, we let the customers get the accurate valuations eliminating errors and enhancing property data analysis. We’re up and accessible with an advanced real estate software solution to get you exactly what you require to find in.  

Stay on the top with Internet Data Exchange

IDX enables members of a multiple listing service to integrate real estate listing from MLS database into their own database. No matter where you decide to have your site hosted, our IDX solution is ready to work everywhere! Increasing the capability of your real estate platform, IDX can benefit your listings online exposure even further by easily sharing and embedding them on social media. IDX is used purposefully in our real estate software to pool listings, grant licenses for agents and use the listing on the website.

We stand ahead in the


We’re a customer real estate software solution company in the USA having extensive experience in building digitally transformative and feature-packed mobile apps along with the complete predesigned platform tailor-made to your requirement. We ensure that we deliver services that reach your customers and improve your business operations positively.

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Our Real Estate App Development Process

Gathering Requirement

Understanding the client’s requirement is the foremost step stone in delivering a successful outcome. We initially gather the required information, to be analyzed, determining the factors impacting development time & cost.

UX/UI Design

The look and feel matters the most and we totally understand the point! Our dedicated developers strive to make the applications & websites as interactive as possible maintaining the uniformity without hampering the speed.


Early actions save high in your pocket. Right after the development is completed from our side, we develop a scalable & high-performance prototype that is validated by the end-users to make sure the product is exactly what you require.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that every product developed undergoes the quality tests and meet the internationally accepted practices and QA standards supported by the latest testing tools & technologies.


We double assure before the project is live. Our team ensures that every project is deployed on locally-hosted servers to check its stability and usability on various platforms. Any issues in the row are fixed as per the requirements.


We assure to support even after the project is successfully delivered. Our 24/7 available support team ensure to always have your back and the system remains updated as per the evolving needs.

Custom Real Estate Software Solution brings impactful results

Get your real estate auction management software right in place with our tailor-made solutions to get you ahead of the competition. Transform the digital realm with robust mobile apps and feature enriched websites, guaranteeing the maximum growth in the minimum budget.

Hire a Dedicated Developer
Ready to launch platform for your Real Estate Business

Access a tailor-made real estate website, ready to launch in minutes. Go live instantly with the essential features & pricing complementing your pocket. We’re on the verge of bringing you a customized experience, improving your business profits and accelerating growth. Get along with us for a real estate development software and boost your profit charts!


What Clients Say About us?

The challenge of the project was to design and develop within the same project a website, a mobile website and Android and iOS apps.

The objective of the project was to design and develop a Real Estate platform for Mozambique.

The project was delivered successfully and Clavax has kept working with the client as a technological partner in charge of website maintenance and complete online marketing and promotion of the platform.

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