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Only 25-30% of IT staff costs are dedicated to the development of new applications while rest of the 70 - 75% goes in for the maintenance
of existing applications. To remain competitive, enterprises need to quickly react to the changing market trends with new
approaches for application management & support to drive business growth

How Can We Empower
Your Business?

Our Application Support and Maintenance services are designed to reduce the cost of "running the business" and investing more towards "changing the business" initiatives. Our design, implementation and support solutions for enterprise-wide application support maintenance are aimed at maximizing the output of existing applications. A holistic approach is followed to deliver greater business and IT values with reduced cost of maintenance inputs.

Key Highlights


Our Application Support Maintenance model utilizes a target model to create an aligned business function model, which is programmed to enhance the efficiency of the system


Considering the importance of having a flexible maintenance model in place to accommodate additional requirements, our services for application maintenance & support offer "run the business-trained" resources whenever required


An agile application can generate more revenue with reduced functional costs. We, at Clavax, make it a point to reduce unnecessary wastes on the client application environment with our efficient Application Support and Maintenance model

Operational Gains

We ensure that the client gets the maximum gains from their business operations by providing them with an optimal solution to extract the best out of their existing enterprises

Business Advantage

We are focused on delivering our clients with only the best results out of our application maintenance solutions by ensuring on-time delivery and improved yield of the project

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