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Amid of growing product portfolio, we use our intelligent sustenance engineering capabilities to reduce the overall cost of maintenance.
It is imperative for the business enterprises to realize that any kind of software, web or mobile app, once developed, need to be
maintained through a sustenance cycle that keeps the features upgraded and give the right support to the product.

Product Sustenance Services

With expertise in product development, we offer proven and effective product sustenance services to complete product lifecycle from ideation to manufacturing
and production across various industries. Our product sustenance team use latest tools and technologies to ensure successful completion of product
development for the ongoing happy customer base. We provide extensive sustenance services at the following phases of a product lifecycle





Bug / Patch



Product Maintenance and Sustenance Support

We help enterprises to keep their software working in a sound condition every time. Our service system comprises the following:

Planning and assessment of the software that takes care of various points like identification, solution identification, improvement implementation, change management practices and strategies.

Conducting relevant R&D that compromises product design and implementation. This we do as a co-creator and even as the outsourced service provider.

Managing various operations like cost minimization, risk management, ongoing product support and operational intelligence.

Provide ongoing product support to ensure the high integrity of the product for its entire lifecycle.

Rendering product standard maintaining services that include lifecycle management, solution enhancement, and IT infrastructure management.

Need Product Sustenance Service?

Clavax offers are a complete suite of product development and sustenance solutions including product engineering, product manufacturing solutions, and product design.

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