Microsoft Dynamics 365

A Transformative Cloud Platform for ERP & CRM

Embrace the Future of Intelligent Business Applications

Are you looking for a solution that can help you analyze data promptly, respond customer needs in real time and stay ahead of the competition?
With Microsoft Dynamics 365, the CRM & ERP capabilities are unified together in a cloud-based platform enabling your organization to move forward.
These intelligent cloud-based applications can break down data silos & capture immense opportunities across almost all the functional business areas.


Dynamics 365 Apps for All Purpose

Whether you use the apps individually or combine the power of many, Dynamics 365 will never disappoint you. Move your business ahead with these intuitive apps that work together flawlessly in the cloud!

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    Customer Service

    Deliver exceptional experiences on your customers' terms by minimizing efforts & addressing issues instantly through any channel or device

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    Project Service

    Ensures outstanding experiences with on-time delivery of customer projects, within budget and enhanced productivity

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    Field Service

    Keep Customers on top through hands-on maintenance & built-in intelligence that resolve issues before they occur to attain positive onsite experiences

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    Sales & Retail

    Enhance sales with insights that predict customer needs better & deliver personalized shopping experiences unifying online & in-store operations

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    Collaborate sales & marketing together to offer personalized customer experiences at every interaction level by automating tasks

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    Operations & Finance

    Keep Customers on top through hands-on maintenance & built-in intelligence that resolve issues before they occur to attain positive onsite experiences

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    Help retailers in uniting digital and in-store operations to create insightful shopping experiences with better customer engagement

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    Bring out the best in your people to seamlessly hire, engage, grow their talents and retain the right ones

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    Business Central

    An all-in-one solution that manages all aspects of your business by connecting finances, service, sales and operations to enhance growth

Ready to Take
Business Forward?

Streamline your business processes across the organization using Dynamics 365 business applications that enable you to unify data & relationships
for outstanding results

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Being the only cloud-based solution that offers both the functionalities for CRM and ERP in a go, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the potential to manage activities like customer service, sales, operations, finance, project service automation, marketing & customer insights. Get instant insights & improve processes to satisfy your customers with Dynamics 365, a highly scalable solution that enables you to add apps or users as your business grows.

Everything Your
Business Needs in One Place

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Unifies the overall experience across all apps enabling users to work & switch from one app to another within the same window

  • Overcomes Technical Issues

    Ease the difficulties and costs involved in the integration of two different systems (CRM &ERP) by using a common data model!

  • Improves Productivity

    One can embrace the power of apps for all your business needs on a mobile device in the context of Office 365 or a desktop

  • Scalable to Fit Any Business

    Available for both SMEs & huge organizations in different versions of Dynamics 365 that offers specific functionalities

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