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Be Vigilant, Be Secure

Why Your Enterprise Needs Reliable Security Testing Services

Secure your Digital Enterprise with a Bulletproof Cybersecurity Strategy

Gartner reports, 75% of breaches are caused by security flaws in application software. Today, businesses live and die for their information assets thus
makes them more vulnerable to the information related threats that are growing at a faster pace. Can enterprises stay a step ahead of the
evolution of security threats? Yes, by effectively addressing the security testing needs.

Comprehensive Security Solutions for
Future-Proof Operational Systems

Larger the network, more the confidential data, the more crucial it becomes to protect information
lying on various ends on the network. Every thriving business should partner with reliable
security solution providers to strengthen the application security, here's why.

  • Dedicated Test Environments
  • Identify Security Bottlenecks
  • Ensure Compatibility
  • Improve Functionality & Performance

Vigorous Security Testing Process

Following ISO 27001 standards, we provide guidance on both risk management and selection
of appropriate measures to mitigate cyber risks

Project Kickoff

Gather Testing Requirements
Prepare Test Plan

Identification of Cyber Risks

Access Business Information
Conduct Background Checks

Vulnerability Assessment

Define Risk Level
Consider Potential Risks

Security Audit

Penetration Testing
Test Case Execution

Our Service Offerings Ensure Breach Free Applications

Most of the cyber-attacks on software applications are associated with information risks which expose businesses to loss of reputation, financial
costs, the devastation of customer loyalty, and potentially operational failure. To save companies from such crisis, we offer a proactive
approach to their security management & reduce later operational costs.

Security Assessment

A guiding report is generated covering all the major aspects of your application including technology used, behavior, and security features

Application Penetration Testing

With penetration testing, we determine the unauthorized access or other malicious activity to key systems and files

Security Monitoring

Employ simplified threat management process and streamline security operations to quickly detect and respond to external or internal threats

Dynamic Security Analysis

Identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities to integrate runtime analysis that helps to find more risks and fix them faster

Static Code Analysis

To close the gaps in the security, we scan source code and detect the root causes of application security vulnerabilities

Authentication Testing

Access control, output encoding, and input validation are rigorously performed to safeguard organization's environment

Tools and Technologies,
We Work With

Our certified and experienced security experts use modern tools
to facilitate all testing activities from test management to reporting.
Following is an extensive library of best-in-class security
tools that are used to deliver effective security solutions.

  • zaproxy
  • parosproxy
  • nikto
  • nmap
  • burpsuite

Usability Testing

An exceptional experience is expected by users, especially when competitors are one click away. With end-to-end usability testing services, you can improve critical flows of your website by determining the pain points in the user experience.

Core Testing

An exclusive ability in core testing and backed with vast expertise and deep industry knowledge, our testers provide innovative and business-driven quality assurance testing solutions. Our test engineers ensure each deliverable meets the most stringent quality standards.

Automation Testing

With every new feature, testing is needed! Switch to automation testing and reduce test times and lower costs. Our professional testers use high-quality testing frameworks like Selenium to perform testing that assures rapid performance.

Performance Testing

Performance testing keeps your customers happy and satisfied. Testing application performance determines every aspect of the product under a particular workload. It evaluates requirements including response times, transaction rates and resource times.

Mobile Testing

From flawless functionalities to impeccable user experience, mobile testing assures everything, all at a competitive price. Leverage our powerful testing tools and efficient strategies, we guarantee that your mobile applications will run glitch-free on any platform.

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An Online Bidding Platform in the USA with more than 26 billion dollars' worth properties sold

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Looking for Security Testing Experts?

We are experienced in source code analysis and vulnerability detection in software applications thus provides clear and actionable recommendations for addressing all security vulnerabilities.

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