Banking Applications

Prepare Your Bank for Profitable Possibilities

In an unrelenting market where operational challenges are at steep, we help banks to address dynamic disruptions and evolve digital
technologies while delivering innovative solutions with agility. Our domain experts enable banks in shaping the future in payments,
like digital channels, commercial banking, credit services, and corporate banking

Facts and Figures of Banking Sector

  • Stay contactless will continue, 1.94 Billion faster payment
    transactions by 2024 (Source: Payments UK)
  • 61% of bank supervisors called digitization a
    high priority (Source: BizTech)
  • 8 out of 11 retailers will announce a
    Mobile Wallet (Source: Carlisle & Gallagher)

Benefits of Working with Clavax

The banking solutions offered by Clavax are designed to tackle all the upcoming challenges
while staying focused on implementing technical innovation

Proven Expertise Technology

With years of experience and deep exposure on banking applications, we build solutions to alleviate all your banking related issues thus improves product efficiency

Innovative Work Methodology

We offer scalable and flexible architecture to deliver the best banking solutions as per your requirements at the cost effective prices

All-Under-One Roof

Get the best technology-equipped facilities under one roof for all your technical needs. We have a team of highly qualified experts who ensure timely delivery of your project

Banking Services We Offer

At Clavax, we offer a host of frameworks and effective banking solutions that can be customized and scaled according
to your requirements. Our expertise spans a broad range of banking processes, like -

Banking Application Management
Data Migration
Banking Application Development and Maintenance
Independent System Validation and Testing
System Re-engineering and Legacy Modernization

Need a Banking Application?

Our team of consultants enables banks in shaping the future to drive higher efficiency in bank processes such as eKYC, data discovery, cybersecurity.


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