Big Data The Next Big Thing in Computing

Make Faster and Better Decisions through Big Data Analytics

Either your data is local or in the cloud, handling inundated data quickly is the hour of need wherein social media and other intranet
collaboration systems pose great challenges. Don't get buried, we empower your organization with the right experience,
skills, and tools that turn your business problems into business insights

Why Choose the Road to Big Data

Data is being generated all the times by almost everything we do. This data is Big Data and businesses need an innovative way to transform the volume, variety, velocity & complexity of Big Data into a corporate asset. To thrive in disrupt markets we combine business use cases with big data technology solutions for complex data management.

Big Data Bigger Benefits

Extracting meaningful insights from Big Data enables business growth and improves overall profitability leading to competitive advantage. Better decisions enable employees to strengthen customer engagement, prevent risks & threats, and optimize operations. Big Data is the future that will deliver bigger benefits to the enterprises enabling them to compete with the smarter one

Growing Data Value

Growing Data Value

The big data analytics can easily analyze new sources of data and help businesses to make quick decisions based on the learnings

Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions

With big data, you can have a better understanding of current market conditions. Stay ahead in the competition by determining your customer's purchase behaviors

Gain Competitive Advantage

Gain Competitive Advantage

The business data is the best resource for your organization to achieve competitive advantage in the market

Some Interesting Facts

Big data is critical in today's business world. With every second, massive data is generated
and the ability to access and analyze the data is becoming more and more important


90% of world's existing data
has been created in
the last 2 years


By 2020 analysts predict
the amount of data will be
50x what it is today


2.7 Zettabytes of data
exist in the digital
universe till date

Big Data Services

Being a prominent Big Data Analytics Software Company, our ambition is to use big data technology to improve user's
life with delivery of richer digital experiences and smarter intelligence in their environment


Data Management & Integration

Big Data Strategy

Stream Computing

Rapid Data Recovery


Data Analytics

Tools & Technologies

With expertise and capabilities extending towards diverse big data analytics tools and technologies, integrating a modern technology into your existing infrastructure or establishing an entirely new platform is effortless. Ensure enhanced operations, performance, security and reliability as you scale your systems in the data centers, in the cloud or the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

  • solr
  • oracle
  • mysql
  • hadoop
  • mongodb

What Clients Say About us?

Clavax's work was really beneficial for us. With strong analytics capabilities and excellent understanding of technologies, they managed in delivering solutions that solved our genuine business problems effectively.

Cupid Chan
Managing Partner
IT Consulting Firm


A Tool to manage loan-related data & gain insights
to enhance loan approval process

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Put Your Data to Work with
Effective Big Data Analytics Solutions

Our solutions enable a customer-focused scenario where organizations can aggregate the information about customer insights, driving behaviors, and plan product improvements.


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