Client Relationship Management

Delivering Experiences That
Outpace Customer Expectations

Customers of today have more choices, more options and more information on products, which is why business enterprises need to make every possible effort
to efficiently cater to these demands and requirements of their consumers. Client Relationship Management (CRM) is all about knowing your company's
customers & managing interactions with them for reaching out and connecting with a wider audience. It involves the application of technology
to synchronize, automate and organize client and customer activity for retail, e-commerce, sales or marketing purposes

Why is CRM System Important for Your Business?

Clavax enables enterprises to utilize the power of SMAC i.e. Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing combined with agile,
scalable & customizable solutions to maintain better relationships with consumers. Having a CRM tool allow businesses
to understand their buying behavior that in turn can lead to re-aligning as well as customizing their services

Integrated View

A single view of the consumer data across all departments
enabling your business to work as a team

Improved Personalization

Better results are provided using advanced data analytics tools that
can customize customer requirements as per needs

Optimize Marketing

Know your customer needs to identify the right time & market products using
social media & mobile applications across all devices

Customer Intimacy

Offer superior & engaging content to improve customer experiences & build long-lasting relationships

Our CRM System Offerings

We offer various services for effective Client Relationship Management that will facilitate
your business by collecting, organizing & managing customer information

Salesforce A cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application that allows companies to innovate, drives sales, improves productivity, reduce infrastructure costs & increase revenue from sales. We have a certified team of developers & analysts to provide you technology solutions centered on the Salesforce cloud platform

Analytics Platform CRM analytics focuses on understanding the clients & how quickly you can act on their needs. Our analysts offer a comprehensive analytics tool to empower your business with decision-making capabilities by determining strong patterns/predictions from existing organizational data & information from various CRM systems

Integration Services With increasing consumer demands, market competition and complexity of businesses have made it imperative that CRM solutions be implemented with respect to mobile devices and social media. We have ready-to-use as well as customizable modules to fit into your current business requirements so that you can enhance your consumer relationship

Flexible Reporting Solutions These CRM solutions provided by us are designed to provide easy access to user data, records, and related data in an intuitive and interactive manner through a secure and encrypted process. Every organization needs a CRM solution that is flexible enough not just to meet their current requirements but also fulfill future needs

Need CRM For Your Business?

Contact us to get a customized CRM solution for your business to improve the relationship with existing customers and engage new ones!


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