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We’re a customer-friendly mobile app development company in UK providing users with the worthy experience in the field of mobility. Our data-driven strategy helps your business streamline operations and bring value to the modern age customers.


Count on us for the most reliable android app development in the UK. Loaded with the required user-friendly features, we boost your business with the latest technology in optimum costing. An organization isn’t in the list of successful companies until they have a noticeable presence with a modernly designed mobile app. Android covers up a large chunk of the market share which makes having an android app more profitable attached with further long-term benefits. If you’re looking for top app developers in UK, Clavax can be the best option to rely on! Our robust team of passionate and skilled developers, we assure to deliver a performance-driven app solution under the budget options complimenting your pocket. We’re amongst the most reputed app development companies providing a complete range of android app development services using latest development strategies and proven methodologies for SMEs or large corporations.

Our tailor-made android applications are suitable for different devices, screen resolutions, and sizes. Our technological expertise includes languages such as Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Python, etc. with the leading Android frameworks including Xamrin, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native & many more!


We’re the leading IOS app development company in the UK with the expertise of building exceptional IOS apps for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Clavax enables organizations in developing custom app solutions which meet specifications and scale themselves to meet the evolving demands. Our mobile app development experts add value to the businesses with the feature-rich app solutions serving almost every vertical. At Clavax, we enhance and refine existing solutions & develop a custom IOS app idea from scratch. We’re quite a pro in analyzing and designing every aspect of the app thoroughly, ensuring that it functions seamlessly minimizing the chances of any crash. Our expert team ensures to provide high-quality solutions enabling clients to stand clear of their competition.


Progressive web applications are the new sensation hitting the mobile app development industry. While if you’re confused to choose from a mobile app or website, you have a choice to blend both and have a PWA for your business. We’re committed to delivering a swift and consistent user experience along with a reliable & superfast PWA using web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. The major perk of having PWA at work is that it supports all browsers, fits every screen (if responsive) and doesn’t function slowly in case of low internet connectivity. Our team of developers holds expertise in building PWA solutions which combine the functionalities of mobile app and wesbite to engineer robust PWAs that work perfectly in every browser.

If you’re looking for a native-like experience fitted perfectly in your website, choose PWA and provide your customer a faster & smoother experience.


Augmented and Virtual Reality services are one of the topmost choices to get your app the trendiest look along with the implementation of the best of technologies. We enable clients to gain benefits by offering impactful experiences or a 3D walkthrough of the products and services you’re offering. Out best in class AR development services for iOS and Android platforms craft a distinguished experience for the customers, increasing customer engagement. With the experience of using the latest AR technologies and innovations such as marker detection, geo-filtering, interactive pictures, we build product demos and training allowing the customers to check the products before making a purchase. Whether you are looking for an image recognition AR apps, business or gaming apps, we cater everything you require to connect your products/services with the customers and make their experience real and memorable.


Trust us in terms of hiring the most reliable mobile app developers in the UK. We’re making use of the latest cross-platform tools to build robust hybrid applications. Performing similar like native apps, our hybrid apps compliments almost all operating systems enabling developers which consist of skilled UX designers, software engineers and visual designers helping in building high-performance and feature enriched solutions aligned to the latest market trends. In the process of developing a hybrid app, we follow an innovative approach that includes project management, analysis, custom design, development, testing, and deployment, further assisting clients post project delivery.

Clavax offers complete solutions using the frameworks such as React-Native, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc. migrate your current native app to a hybrid mobile app framework and save big on app maintenance


Industries in Which We Serve Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our services aren’t just limited to a specific domain, we’re all around the trending industries promoting their presence digitally. Clavax focuses on accelerating growth by successfully delivering 250+ projects aligned to the latest technology needs & superior customer experiences.

Real Estate

Let your business reach new heights with a customized real estate platform to manage property listings, search options and a lot more! Give your customers the perks of having a tailor-made real estate solution suiting their requirements.


Grow your business in the education industry with the top-notch technologies elevating your business with the online tools and in-classroom training. We let you access the latest solutions to increase student experiences and enhance institutional efficiency.

Banking & Finance

Our leading developers offer a wide spectrum of innovative solutions transforming banking & finance. We offer services helping the banks to manage costs, control risk and boost growth altogether.


We have extensive experience in working with the automobile organizations further expanding their curriculum to wider market space. Work with our experts and expand your business opportunities.


We’re redefining the sports industry with customized mobile sports app. Let your customers experience real-time updates & access the content they would love to watch. We help you implement the best in class technology to accelerate business growth.


Logistics is the base of the e-commerce industry, making lives simpler. We help you simplify the management, ease the process and get real-time inventory status on the go! We help you make better decisions and facilitate optimum resource management.

How are we


We are the leading mobile app development company in the UK, having vast experience in building digitally transformative, feature enriched mobile applications across various industries. We ensure delivering services that reach your customers and accelerate business.

    • Expert Collaboration
    • Custom-made Solutions
    • Better Business efficiency
    • Transparent Pricing
    • Diverse Portfolio

Our App Development Process

Collect Information

Before beginning, we initially gather the necessary inputs from the client’s perspective which are required to be analyzed to determine factors impacting development time & overall costing

UI/UX Design

App look and feel is the prime factor for better customer engagement and we’re totally on it! Our developers ensure better UI without hampering the app performance.


Post analyzing the data flow structures & system architecture plans, we develop a high-performance prototype to be further validated by the end-users in order to achieve results & save big on development cost.

Quality Assurance

The developed product undergoes quality testing in order to ensure it meets the internationally accepted practices and QA standards supported by the latest tools & technologies

Creating App Screen

Once it’s a thumbs up for the testing team, we deploy the project on locally-hosted severs to check its functioning on the various platforms. In case of any issues or bugs, they are fixed as per the requirements.

Post Project Support

Our job doesn’t end up here! We’re responsible for the maintenance of the delivered project and are contactable whenever required, ensuring that the applications always stay updated.

Turn Your Website Concepts into User-Centric Products

Enlarge your business goals & accelerate customer base with our mobile app development services tailor made exclusively as per your requirement!

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Calculate the Cost to Create an App

It is imperative to know the costings before you opt on either for android or ios app development, what tends to be the crux is choosing the right team of developers and getting the task done in the suitable timeframe! No matter what’s the size of your organization, we enable clients to build the desired apps at an optimum cost without compromising the quality.

Choose the desired features you wish to include in your mobile app and get a quick estimate on the go! For further clarifications, let our experts get in touch with you and turn your ideas into a successful mobile application.

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