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Content Management System Managing your business In and Out

To engage with your clients and customers, you need to communicate effectively through the medium of your website and applications. To do this effectively, a company needs a smart CMS solution that must be beneficial for the company in the long run. The basic applications of CMS are:

  • Creating Content
  • Managing Content
  • Publishing Content
  • Search and Retrieve Content

Depending upon the size of your organization, you can choose among over 200 CMS Solutions available globally. But you must know the CMS and its features before closing the deal.


Types of CMS

Clavax offers a complete range of solutions and services to manage your content and optimize the performance of your business organization. Driven by expert skills, experience and industry knowledge, our content management solutions are designed to leverage our clients' business ventures.

Open Source, PHP

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento


  • Kentico
  • Acquia
  • EPiServer
  • Adobe AEM

What is the difference between Open Source and Commercial CMS Platforms?

Open Source CMS solution provide a free of cost platform to develop a CMS solution for any website or application. The data is easy to edit and modify but the bugs are very difficult to detect if you are not from a core technical industry. Whereas, in Commercial CMS Platforms, we need to purchase the license for developing the system software and pay maintenance charges along with, in return of which we get hassle free lifetime services from the service providers to modify or eliminate unwanted data from the system.

Features of CMS Solutions

  • Automates the data management and appearance
  • Manages the links and navigations of customers and clients
  • Easy representation of documents and multimedia
  • Manages cms-webinar
  • Effective search capabilities
  • Provides authorization to edit and add content
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Things to look for - If you are planning to opt for a CMS Solution, you must analyze the size and needs of your organization and get clear views on

  • Cost Considerations
  • Basic features needed by the website or app
  • Advanced features to keep the platforms engaging
  • Need to choose between Open Source vs. Commercial CMS solutions
  • Admin Experience to manage the system with existing employees
  • Developer Support
  • Technical Stability to check the availability of tools to manage the system in-house

Commendation's What People have to say about us

In ten years of outsourcing web solutions for small and medium size businesses, I have not been able to discover a partner more capable than Clavax. Having proven themselves in earlier projects, they bolstered the Kentico development efforts of another firm during our initial website launch. Since then, we have transitioned the full, ongoing development work exclusively to them. Clavax's Kentico development work is supported by the knowledge, experience, and passion for effective business systems of their owner and project leaders. For these reasons, I gladly offer my strongest

RICKY FROHNERATH Brand Web Manager Aurora Group

Benefits from CMS

  • logo-img Brand Identity
  • logo-img Customer-Facing Portals
  • logo-img Quote Management System
  • logo-img Supply Chain Management
  • logo-img Communications Portal
  • logo-img Social media channeles or communities
  • logo-img Factory direct online ordering
  • logo-img Shipping & Logistics Data
  • logo-img Employee Portals

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