Trends Potential to Shape iOS App Development in 2022

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March 11, 2022

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Experts predict by 2023, the worldwide mobile app revenue will reach over $935 billion. Individuals may keep on changing their requirements and businesses are trying to keep up with the regular flips. If you’re willing to remain amongst the top iOS app development company, take into account the leading iOS app development trends. Otherwise, there are chances that you risk your position in midst of numerous competitors offering similar services.

Here’s a list of the 10 latest trends in iOS app development that must be worth your attention and surely have the potential to make your applications competitive and compelling enough in the year 2022.

  • Swift 6

It starts with choosing a suitable programming language. In terms of iOS developers, Swift has established itself as a minimal tool that is quite convenient to learn and utilize. Being widely used across iOS app development teams, even in large-scale companies including Apple, Linkedln, Slack, SkyGuide, etc.

So, what exactly makes iOS app development with Swift so convenient and productive? Its extreme compatibility, API ad module stability, and numerous other features help iOS developers to focus just on code logic and quality.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence are not new in iOS app development. Nobody can imagine a successful iOS application without excellent face and speech recognition, smart search recommendations, Siri text, and another aspect.

All these features have now become extensively imperative for custom iOS app development. That’s the reason why both ML and AI implementation will always remain one of the leading trends for the year 2022 and beyond that too!

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one the most successfully implemented latest iOS development trends. In recent years it has turned into a true augmented reality mania on the iOS platforms of virtually any possible branch of human activity. Though AR has also found its way into many other branches including marketing, healthcare, design, etc.

These giants like IKEA or L’Oreal have been following this sort of iOS app development trend to let the customers experience how their products will be visualized in the environment that they will be added or placed, making the decisions much more efficient and convenient.

  • Internet of Things

IoT can be considered as a perfect example of how imperative it is to bind the iOS application development to the changes in the daily life of the consumers. It’s a kind of technology that allows the users to connect all their devices right into one single system and make use of them seamlessly.

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  • App Clips

How can you develop an iOS mobile application that your users can use without even downloading the same? App Clips is one of the leading solutions and one of the modern iOS app trends. This sort of technology allows the users to utilize a part of a mobile app for estimating it before checking out the complete version.

App clips are mostly direct and serve one single task to pay the bill, book hotels, bike on rent, and another similar sort of tasks. These are called functional investments of apps that are not that heavy and users can easily install them super quick after scanning a specific QR code or following a certain link etc.

  • CloudKit

Cloud-based iOS applications spot themselves with a special place in the top iOS app development trends of the year 2022. They are the potential of storing, organizing, and managing heaps of data without troubling the regular user experience. CloudKit is basically a tool for saving and transferring data that opens new and better opportunities for developing an iOS application.

Now, we can find some constraints in carrying the complex tasks and staying up to the app user’s expectations. The major reason why one should be considering CloudKit for creating cloud-based iOS applications is its ease and convenience of configuration, using additional libraries, and managing a convenient organization.

  • Wearables

Wearable gadgets are not new! They’re used as fitness trackers and smartwatches captured in the modern markets. Stats show there will be over 1 billion connected wearables across the world in 2022. Such extensive popularity comes to light due to the accessibility of these devices.

Wearables are excellent in tracking overall health conditions, reaching fitness goals, communicating faster and more conveniently, helping in staying productive, and carrying out regular tasks much more efficiently. Though there are more advanced wearables available that serve altogether different purposes.

  • iBeacon

iBeacon is basically an emerging Bluetooth low energy technology used for enhancing any sort of shopping experience. It’s quite an accurate technology, even more than GPS, and can even work inside closed places/buildings. iBeacon can be used for sending targeted marketing messages to potential customers when they’re walking anywhere nearby, one can send special offers, advertisements reminders, etc.

Though it is not limited to only the retail industry but also plays a vital role in hotels, museums, stadiums, airports, and many other open locations. Beacons are generally swift and are becoming immensely popular as an all-new tool in marketing and developing applications.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are the new buzzword amongst iOS app developers. They are artificial intelligence-driven, these programs can be replaced with a team of customer service executives in a company and an increasing number of enterprises have decided to integrate this technology in their applications and websites which can make it one of the current times iOS app development trends.

Businesses can benefit from chatbots through customer services and other routine tasks getting automated, clients receive 24/7 support, they’re fast and show the bigger picture.

  • Security

Privacy aspects are always topping the list no matter what we’re talking about. While iOS is much more secure, still security is a crucial point to consider when developing an iOS mobile application. Cybersecurity issues cause huge harm to businesses. While, in 2021, the average cost of data breaches reached $4.24 million.

Wrapping up

iOS mobile applications will continue to spread their roots and grow their popularity every single day! Building an iOS application may first seem like a time-consuming task, and why not as it’s hard to track all the current trends and stay in line with them. The right iOS app development company can save you time and energy and provide the best experience all through! Find the best-suited company and get started!

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