Month: July 2018

  • How to Prevent Cyber Security Attacks with Big Data Analytics

    The evolving growth of the enterprise world is putting organizations at risk of cyber-attacks that has increased tremendously over the years. Research says the rapid digitization will increase the cost of data breaches to $21 trillion by the end of 2019. Today, hackers & cybercriminals are constantly creating bigger threats leading towards the lack of data security, which in turn causes great financial losses and bad reputation of the...

  • Choosing the Better : Native or React Native for Mobile App Development

    Before you start looking for an app development company for your brand debut in mobile apps, consider what shall be the suitable tools, platforms, and framework for the app you’re aiming to develop.The entire mobile app development firms it’s toes on majorly two pillars i.e. either iOS or Android, while some even consider Windows as an option. If you’re a startup, focus on the prior two initially, as the number of OS and iOS...

  • 6 Essential Features That Makes Your Enterprise CMS More Powerful

    We are living in a digital content-driven world where users expect reliability and consistency. Knowing that it becomes necessary to opt for an effective content management system (CMS) which helps in delivering reliable digital experience across different platforms, devices, and channels. Beyond their basic capabilities, an enterprise CMS has many interesting features that effectively helps in indexing updated content automatically.With...

  • How the ‘Build Fast, Fail Often’ Idiom Explains the Need of Testing Services

    Do you know, ‘Only 64% of projects meet their goals’? (Source: Project Management Works)In the digital age, converting your extraordinary business idea into a viable product is relatively easy. Crowdfunding, secure finances and state-of-the-art development tools get you instantly rolling in the marketplace. But are these components enough to ensure the success of your business? Well, no. It is equally significant to build a product that is...


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