• Top Signs That Shows Your CMS is Outdated

    One of the most important factors that could hamper the success of your website is using an outdated and difficult to use Content Management System (CMS). Just like the software on your PC needs an update, your CMS also needs to be kept up to date. Every CMS needs to be updated to protect them from any unwanted security exploits. Using an obsolete CMS means that your website has the high potential to be exploited. This means your data (or...

  • How Much Chatbot Development Cost in 2019

    Digitization has opened various doors of opportunities for businesses. It has allowed every industry to grow at an accelerated pace and hence provide solutions to the global audience.  To improve customer service, chatbot development solutions were introduced to not only solve communication problems between a brand and its visitors but also deliver a personalized user experience. Over time, chatbot services become intelligent and...


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