• Important aspects to consider while testing the financial applications

    Not every business goes well and reach success! Failures are as common as the inception of new firms coming into business but, what’s that one thing which ignites more failure than the new firms coming in action? Well, it’s the backup a firm decides to hold, calling the same as Quality Assurance and Testing Services. A financial application is a software program facilitating the management of business processes that deals in...

  • How Business Intelligence Turns your E-commerce Store into Success

    Countless technologies stand to benefit e-commerce business. While some of them have the potential to transform your online e-commerce store but, not all technologies are as robust as Business Intelligence (BI) in this context. Business Intelligence combines strategies and best-in-class technologies to breakdown the most crucial information for easy understanding. It not only helps organizations to gather data and relevant insights but also...

  • Things to Know about Kentico Xperience - New Name of Kentico CMS & EMS 

    No business can be truly successful without its presence in the online world, irrespective of what your business is dealing with. To start boosting your brand value, you need to build a website and make your target audience know about you and your services. However, your website won’t be effective unless the content is updated regularly over time to meet the evolving demands of your...

  • How’s Technology helping Real Estate Industry in the times of COVID 19 Crisis

    Real Estate is an evolving industry and Technology has been a major player in the rise! Revolutionary technology tools are the stepping stone shaping the commercial and residential real estate sectors to paint an entirely new shift.In the times of a pandemic, where people fear losing what they have, it can be a great threat to the economies and real estate will be the most affected area. COVID 19 isn’t just a no vaccine disease, it&rsquo...

  • What is the Future Scope of Technology in Education Sector (& Leading Trends Behind the Innovation)

    We are at the brink of digital transformation that defines the future of the whole generation. Hence, with the need for an hour, we need to embrace ourselves with the latest technology trends and automation. Technology acts as a powerful catalyst to revolutionize the education model according to the needs and demands of intuitions, teachers, and learners.      A Recent Outlook on EdTech Growth There was $1.7 billion...


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