6 Essential Features That Makes Your Enterprise CMS More Powerful

July 19, 2018

Reading time about 4 minutes

We are living in a digital content-driven world where users expect reliability and consistency. Knowing that it becomes necessary to opt for an effective content management system (CMS) which helps in delivering reliable digital experience across different platforms, devices, and channels. Beyond their basic capabilities, an enterprise CMS has many interesting features that effectively helps in indexing updated content automatically.

With rising consumer’s demands, there are diverse types of enterprise CMS Solutions including Kentico, Episerver, Sitecore. Before you select the CMS for your business, here are top essential features that your CMS should have :

1. Handle the Content Workflow, Stress-Free

The admin dashboard plays a significant role in managing all the tasks involved in content production. It includes :

  • Keeping an eye on the scheduled content and other related assets
  • Manage notifications for all unfinished tasks
  • Different functionalities can be added through plugins
  • Monitor website 24*7 helps to streamline content

You can save a lot of time, efforts and reduce complexity when handling the content workflow from a single software.

2. Modular Approach Makes Your CMS Fast and Quick

The high modular capacity of the enterprise content management platform increases flexibility to work. With this feature, administrators can :

  • Edit, design and change content as per the business requirements
  • Manage notification bar thus keeps it clean and clear, always
  • Quick to adopt the changes in designs and immediately reflect on search engines

It breaks down the complex website functionality and gives everyone the appropriate access to content.

3. Influential Publishing Plugins – Helps You Work Seamlessly

Every content you publish becomes a powerful base of your interaction with targeted audiences thus publishing tools become the core of any ECMS. A good enterprise CMS will :

  • Adapt any kind of content you want to publish
  • Handles SEO, content tagging, adding images and more with a few clicks
  • Integrate any document in overall publication workflow at any point of time without any glitches
  • Either short news or long articles, you can publish them with custom layouts and unique landing pages

Along with this, if you want to unpublish any seasonal promotional content from the website, you can do it effortlessly without interfering with updated content.

4. Your ECMS Should Be Highly Scalable

One of the pivot aspects of the top ECMS is scalability. If you want to achieve your goals, it is necessary to dive deep into the functionalities of the platforms. With the help of administrative tools and logic, data becomes easily accessible on all the platforms. It is important that the CMS you choose must offer multi-fold caching which gives easy customizations across each fold of the website.

The ability to run on the cloud environment is also an add-on to its performance. There is a list of features that define performance and scalability such as good loading speed and caching which decreases the dependability on the back-end and gives amazing experiences.

5. Strong Security System: A Priority

Enterprise CMS should offer robust security to safeguard valuable business information and for protecting customer’s trust over your brand.

With time, the number of content providers is increasing that may pose a security threat to your business. A secure ECMS authentication keeps you a step ahead by providing module providing module permissions during any kind of enhancements or customizations. Releasing security patches is another prerequisite as it covers common vulnerabilities and exposures.

6. Easy Integration with Social Media

Social media channels have immense potential to communicate with mass audiences. That’s why any modern CMS must take account of social media sharing tools thus assures your content is optimized for sharing on each platform.

For instance, it can automatically format your articles in Twitter or optimizes the display of shared content on Facebook. These are a few examples of how social features work on the enterprise content management system.

Finding all these components in the ECMS will guarantee you that you are in the right direction. A powerful CMS acts as a solid foundation for any website as it transforms the way you interact with your customers. Choose yours wisely!