How the ‘Build Fast, Fail Often’ Idiom Explains the Need of Testing Services

July 4, 2018

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Do you know, ‘Only 64% of projects meet their goals’? (Source: Project Management Works)

In the digital age, converting your extraordinary business idea into a viable product is relatively easy. Crowdfunding, secure finances and state-of-the-art development tools get you instantly rolling in the marketplace. But are these components enough to ensure the success of your business? Well, no. It is equally significant to build a product that is ready to experience success. In this process, your product may fail in its functionalities a hundred times, even more than you expected.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Henry Ford

In the hyper-competitive market, most of the developers focus on fast delivery of the project which often compromises the capabilities of the product. To avoid such situations, testing services play a key role.

The job of developers is to build apps that deliver flawless experience across devices, platforms, and networks. Testers, on the other hand, test these apps and ensure performance and functionality. Nowadays, testing is not limited to finding errors in coding, rather it ensures reliability, scalability, and security of the developed product.

Every reliable mobile application testing company offers quality testing services which makes your products a powerful differentiator to maintain and enhance its brand value. However, testers have a limited time to ensure proper functioning of the app thus they should have a list beforehand to assess every vulnerability, efficiently and thoroughly.

Here are a few pointers that they must include in their checklist to avoid project failures.

1. Verify on Multiple Devices and Platforms

To ensure every app work flawlessly, testers should access these applications on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows. To assess the performance of the app, they must know about the targeted device and platform which saves time and efforts.

2. An Eye on App Customization

Business benefits in a big way if the app is developed as per the configuration of the specific devices. With the help of the skilled testing team, it is guaranteed that your app is optimized for any kind of device. For instance, testers ensure the app should not pixelate on a big screen and should not crop on the small screen.

3. User Experience, an Important Aspect

No doubt, users have a million options to solve their problem. The only way to keep them engaged is by giving a glitch-free experience and ensure that they are satisfied at any point in time. From interactive app screens to easy-to-use user interface, everything is checked efficiently to enhance user interactions with an app.

4. Break Test into Small Fractions

It is a smart way to break down a single test into multiple interconnected tests to cover the entire process. This saves time and helps the testers to verify everything carefully. Testing can break into distinct categories like UI testing, functional testing, mobile testing, security testing, and automation testing services.

5. Rely on Controlled and Secure Testing Environment

Most of the software development companies prefer cloud-based testing, however, the cloud has tons of vulnerabilities, particularly when it is used in public. Instead, you must invest in testing infrastructure that creates a secure testing environment to avoid any kind of cyber-attacks.

There are several benefits of opting testing services as it lets you publish better quality of products that have fewer chances of getting abandoned.


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