Android 12 Beta is Out: Check Out Everything You Must Know

May 24, 2021

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Are you excited to know about the latest beta of Android 12 announced at Google I/O 2021 on May 18? I am sure you are! This latest release of Android comes as the biggest visual overhaul since 2014 that offers enhanced performance, a new privacy dashboard as well as updates for Photo apps and Google Maps. The first beta version of Android 12 is out & it comes with amazing features like customization options, user privacy, security fixes, fun animations & more Without wasting further time, let’s check more details on the new features of Android 12 are and everything you must know.

All You Need To Know About Android 12 Release Date

Google came up with the first developer preview of Android 12 on 18 February 2021, which is followed by the second Android 12 Developer Preview on March 17. Android 12 beta program was released on May 18 at Google I/O 2021, making the update available for all pixels starting with the Pixel 3 series.

What’s New in Android 12?

Talking about the Android 12, Google calls this release the biggest design change in the history of Android, which is immediately evident when you look at the new interface. If we look back at the Android 11 update, we have witnessed features such as chat bubbles, conversation notifications, built-in screen recorder, which made it a great update for Google’s mobile OS. However, Android 11 didn’t have many user-facing features which will change with the new update of Android 12. Let’s find out everything we need to know about this new Google update.

– Interface

With Android 12, Google is completely transforming the look and feel of Android in version 12. The new visual paradigm “Material You”, which is an extension of previous Material design that came in 2014 is all about more color, greater personalization & an element of playfulness. Users can now take advantage of high-level customization where they can personalize their smartphones to their tastes with a custom color palette & even change the interface colors.

– Theme Support

With Android 12, Google is introducing full support for themes where one can change any aspect of the interface. This comes with a color extraction feature that enables users to choose the colors straight from the phone’s background. The theming engine is what most of us have been waiting for as Google offers robust customization controls where colors are applied throughout the UI that includes lock screen, notification shade, widgets, volume controls, etc.

– Animation Upgrade

Another change that comes with Android 12 is animations. Google is all set to make daily interactions more playful with fun animations throughout the interface. To make interactions more energy-efficient, the core system services of Google use up to 22% lesser resources, which helps in improving the performance and efficiency. This helps in making apps faster while keeping the battery life longer than usual.

– Privacy-Focused Features

Google uses Android 12 to come up with new privacy features where users get notified through the indicator when an app is using your location or camera to ensure privacy and no service is using them in the background. Users can also disable the camera or microphone directly through the notification pane. Google enables users to have more control and transparency over how cookies are used across sites ensuring the safety of data, how apps export certain activities, and how things should not be shared elsewhere apart from the specific app itself.

– Notifications

Android 12 offers new updates for notifications, which is related to UI updates. The notification pane has been designed to support large text labels with a new Google Pay toggle enabling users to access the saved cards easily. Additionally, it comes with decorative notifications with custom content and icon to match the other notifications. Another security update is for lock screen notifications and developers can configure notifications on the lock screen, which requires user authentication.

How Can I Get the Android 12 Update?

This update from Google works if you own a Google Pixel smartphone & some other devices from third-party manufacturers, which includes Asus, Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, and other devices that are in the process to make a beta version of Android 12 available for download.

How Much Will The Android 12 Cost?

The Android 12 update from Google is free of cost and any user can use the features that come with the latest update without paying a single penny. It is likely to be a scam if you are asked to pay for this update of Android 12 Beta.

Will The Apps Still Work Normally After Android 12 Update?

Yes! all the apps on your smartphone will work normally as before even after the Android 12 update, as it has not changed the way the core operating system works.

Wrapping Up

After going through the blog above, you must be excited to try all the new features of Android 12 Beta. Any user can start installing the updates on their smartphones right now. The beta initiative of Google aims to make this update available for third-party mobile phones as well, which means even if you don’t have a Pixel, you can take a look at the Android 12 beta on devices like OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, & many other devices. If you are interested to know more, get in touch with our expert Android App Developers & find out everything you must know about the latest Android updates.