Android Instant Apps Now Available to All Developers

June 1, 2017

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Ever wondered if there is a solution that can make the native Android apps quicker to launch and available to more Android OS versions without the need of installation? Well, now it is possible as Google has made Android Instant Apps available to all developers. Initially launched at Google I/O last year, Instant Apps provides a way to help developers in providing a lightweight version of Apps without visiting Play Store. Though few Instant Apps were developed in January for trial and companies have partnered with Google to develop the same since then, it’s only at Google I/O 2017 that the necessary tools have been made available to the developers.

The Android Instant Apps are likely to be ready for public use within next year since Google has now made it available for developers on a limited basis to check its features. As the name suggests, these apps should be made available for instant use and developers must make it compatible & modular with links. Users can click on the link in a web browser and get the feel of using the real Android app with all its functionalities other than some security restrictions. The initial download of the app should be under a certain size and once user feels that the app is good enough, the whole app can be downloaded.

Benefits of Android Instant Apps

The best thing about Instant Apps is you can upgrade your native apps without the reversion of entire source code of the app & grab the benefits. Here are some of the advantages of creating Instant App version:

  • All the pros of native apps can be accessed by the user with a single click on a URL and without the app’s installation.

  • It reduces the number of taps that user would take to go to a certain page in the app and get more users into the app quickly.

  • Since Instant App is modularized, Google can serve users easily & the deep links will direct users not to the mobile site but to the app.

  • Any skilled Android App Developers can update the existing app to the functionality of Instant App within a day.

For the time being, only the latest version of the Android OS will be supported by Instant apps. The upcoming version Android O will come with better improvements to these apps such as search option and launch of apps from the launcher or even add them to Home Screen.
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