Check Out the New Updates in Kentico 10.0

May 24, 2017

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With a bunch of out-of-the-box features that gets better with every version, Kentico CMS is the only leading Web Content Management System for developing websites & online marketplaces. It is a common platform based on ASP.NET that integrates content management, online marketing, e-commerce & intranet. Over the years, Kentico is breaking API changes from one version to another and the latest one is Kentico 10.0 that was released on 30 November 2016. Some organizations have already upgraded their sites to Kentico 10.0 while some are still not so familiar with the new version. If you are thinking to upgrade your website with Kentico 10.0, here are the new enhancements that came with this version.

  • Improved EMS Usability for Marketers

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing system (EMS) of version 10 consists of enhanced marketing performance, email marketing, image & updated contact management and more. Other new features include campaign & contact tracking, activity logging, content personalization, marketing automation, page attachments, etc.

  • MVC Architecture Support

The Kentico developers have upgraded Kentico 10.0 with enhanced MVC application development ensuring developers that they are free to develop the way they want & in the best way supported by the organization. It has better continuous integration, more feature set for MVC, caching, Azure development, etc. The MVC support is also compatible with cloud deployments & can enhance security by managing site administration locally and live site in the cloud.

  • Responsive Image Management

Developers no longer need to resize images for multiple devices & platforms manually, as Kentico 10.0 comes with responsive images management feature. Using this, content editors will upload single image attachment that automatically transforms as per different definitions coded to match the publisher’s specific needs.

  • Cross-Site Contact Profile & Campaign Wizard

Two new interesting features of Kentico 10.0 are Cross-Site Contact profile & Campaign Wizard. The contact profile will provide a centralized view of all important information of each contact like whether they are receiving marketing emails, which campaign brought this visitor to your site, etc. Through Campaign wizard, you can track how your visitors navigated through campaign giving you useful actionable info on how many visitors entered each campaign step.

  • Enhanced Performance & Scalability

The best of the all the upgrades are performance & scalability that is almost 10 times better in Kentico 10.0 than its previous version. Kentico team ensures that scalability with more than 100 million contacts & 1 billion activities. In terms of Performance, waiting time has been cut down by 50% making Kentico 10.0 load & respond faster and drive towards more productivity.

One thing is clear that with Kentico 10.0, the focus is on empowering business users to be more efficient & productive in fulfilling their goals. It also delivers the enterprise level scalability that allows customers with projects of any size take advantage of the latest version of Kentico i.e. Kentico 10.0. If you are thinking to grab these benefits, upgrade your website to Kentico 10.0 now taking help of tech experts. Happy Upgrading!


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