Apple WWDC 2018: What’s New and How It’s Driving the Future

June 12, 2018

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One of the biggest dates in Apple calendar is WWDC, Worldwide Developer Conference. The most awaited event is a time of major announcements from Apple, and 2018 is no different. From the launch of new iOS 12 to other advancements in the operating system, here is a list of all the big announcements of this year and how they will impact Apple user’s life.

1. Teamed Up with Pixar to Create a New File Format, Just For AR

Apple has collaborated with Pixar to create a new file format, USDZ (Universal Scene Description). It is unencrypted zip archive with zero compression which enables you to place 3D models in the real world. With this, objects in AR can be experienced and shared in Safari, Mail, or anywhere that’s the part of Apple ecosystem. From viewing news to shopping in Safari, Apple user can smartly interact with the objects by zooming in and even see how it looks like placed at your place. It will have a native USDZ support in creative cloud offered by Adobe.

Leveraging AR to the next level, Apple introduced a new app called Measure. It turns your iPhone into a ‘virtual measuring tape’. You just simply hold device above the object and drag along a line to take measurements.

The next generation ARKit 2.0 is released which introduces multi-person mode for AR games. It comes with sophisticated face-tracking tech, realistic rendering, and 3D object detection. Now you can play games in an AR environment with your friends even with different iPads.

2. Siri is a Whole Lot Smarter

A new feature is introduced in Siri, called Shortcuts that integrates with apps to build bespoke voice commands.  Whether you need to order a coffee or start an evening workout, Siri automatically gives simple voice commands to kick off the tasks. It is easy for iPhone App Developers to leverage new capabilities using Shortcut APIs.

3. iOS 12: Apple’s Next Generation OS

Apple is continuously putting efforts to make iOS feel faster than ever. iOS 12 allows to launch apps 40% faster and speed up the system keyboard by 50%. Now iPhones and iPads are focused to deliver optimal performance along with prolonged battery life.

Here are a few features of iOS 12:

  • Get Summary of Usage Habits with Screen Time – The new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 will let you know how much you are spending on individual apps or on the device. Thus, becomes a smarter option to provide better parental controls by setting time limits for each app. With this, you can have greater oversight on how kids are using the device.
  • Complete Control Over Notifications – Now your lock screen is about to stay cleaner than before. For instance, if you get multiple notifications, you can tap on the new option called Manage and they will all appear in one stack.
  • Introduction of Memoji – Personalized avatars is called Memoji. Like Bitmoji, you can create avatars just like you or your friends by choosing skin color, hairstyle, and outfits with accessories.
  • Join Group Facetime – Taking video chat to another level. Apart from one-on-one video calls, now you can include 32 people in one call. It is supported across iOS and macOS.
  • For You Feature – The Photos app includes For You feature that suggests different filters or effects you would like to apply to your pictures. Also, include sharing suggestions with those who have clicked your pictures.

There are many other big announcements that bring delight to Apple Mac users. Every reliable iOS App Development Company is excited about the updates and will integrate them to deliver an amazing experience to their customer base.


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