How Artificial Intelligence Capabilities Make your Digital Business Smarter

June 20, 2018

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Starting from chatbots to predictive analytics, developers are exploring innovative solutions to add artificial intelligence and deliver more than client’s expectations. AI and machine learning, both are on its way to bring an extraordinary change in about every segment of the day-to-day business.

Do you know, the impact of AI technologies on businesses is projected to increase employee productivity by 40% and enabling them to make more efficient use of their time. (Source: Accenture)

How Mobile AI will Change Approach to App Development

It is no secret that mobile apps have become imperative to our lives. To double the advantage, artificial intelligence has added a layer to apps for offering ease and convenience in tedious tasks. Moreover, Mobile app developers are using machine learning algorithm to recognize:

  • Upcoming Trends
  • Information Gathered Through Mobile Applications
  • Adjustments Required to Deliver Personalized User Experience


A study is conducted by Mckinsey Global Institute states that AI expansion brought about three times of investment in 2017 – nearly $40 billion. Seeing the advancements at such a rapid pace different business sectors including healthcare, education, and manufacturing have started embedding AI into their systems, but mobile is one of the most promising areas for AI.

Let’s analyze how AI is going to make an enormous difference in the digital marketplace.

1. Speech Recognition Gets Smart

Be prepared, it is seen 25% of people (age-group 16 to 24s) use voice search on mobile and the number is still growing. (Source: Global Web Index)

Giving voice commands is a powerful way which makes the navigation process in the app smooth and efficient. Integrating voice interfaces into your apps is not at all difficult. Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are one of the coolest examples of doing intelligent interactions within mobile applications. For instance, you can set alarm or change temperature of the air conditioner, by simple voice commands.

2. Push the Envelope with Personalized User Experiences

On play store, 1.6 million apps are available, just 200 accounts for 70% of usage, and three out of four apps aren’t even used beyond the initial download. (Wharton University of Pennsylvania Research)

Artificial intelligence is an insightful tool which helps you in knowing user’s behavior regarding their searches and buying habits. With this collected data, you can send personalized offers or discounts to your customers thus they will be inclined towards your brand. Mobile apps integrated with AI can also detect user’s location thus ensures that your customers get personalized location-based solutions for every query. Hence, providing this feature you can keep customers engage with what’s new in your brand.

3. Completes Monotonous Tasks with Perfection

In a survey of over 1,600 marketing professionals, 61%, regardless of company size, pointed to machine learning and AI as their company’s most significant data initiative for next year. (Source: MeMSQL)

Performing the same time-taking tasks repeatedly makes the employees feel bored thus kills creativity. Now, every such task is performed using AI which helps employees to concentrate on other significant tasks and pour their out-of-the-box thoughts in solving real-time app development difficulties. It is one of the most lucrative options to opt for as you attain utmost accuracy with minimum or no chances of mistakes.

4. Creating New Frontiers by Redefining the Potential of Commerce Apps

Major retailers are embedding AI into their businesses to retain more customers. Due to the introduction of AI, businesses are ready to transform traditional methods of engaging consumers. With predictive AI algorithms, you can observe customer’s history, determine purchase tendencies thus encourage them to shop more by sending customized offers.

AI has been growing exponentially, businesses are investing a lot from past couple of years. Look for a reliable AI App development company to build smarter apps that keep you a step ahead from your competitors. AI integration will be a competitive solution for many businesses as it provides better customer services and setting the stage for ROI into the development process.


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