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September 21, 2022

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There is no denial of the fact that technologies play a huge role in transforming the way businesses work and has improved the lifestyle of customers like us to a huge extent.
Artificial Intelligence is one of the top innovations that have transformed several business sectors and the healthcare industry is not an exception.
Not just leading tech companies like Google, but also many startups are adopting AI as part of their solutions to transform the customer experience.
Let’s check out how innovative solutions built by Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions Company can take the healthcare industry to the next level.
From improved care and early risk analysis to workflow automation, AI solutions can be beneficial for both patients as well as healthcare providers.

Significance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI can be defined as the technology that enables computers or machines to think and act like humans & solve problems that they are trained to do. For activities like speech recognition, problem-solving, learning, etc.
AI has gained huge attention for several benefits it offers and many businesses even incorporate it with other technologies like chatbots or context-aware sensors.
When we talk about the healthcare industry, AI can be used with NLP apps to help medical firms better understand and classify medical documents which help in the analysis of patients’ notes and getting valuable insights for improved medical care & better health outcomes for patients.

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AI in healthcare can offer several benefits, which is why you must incorporate AI solutions in your healthcare firm. But before you hire experts from the Top Medical App Development Services Company, here are some of the best benefits you must be aware of-

  1. Better efficiency of the Medical Diagnostic Process
  2. Overall Cost Reduction of Running a Medical firm
  3. On-Time & Safer medical Surgeries with a faster recovery rate
  4. Improved Patient Care
  5. Easy Information Access of Patients’ Condition
  6. Timely Prevention with early Risk Detection
  7. Better Patient Data Quality for Faster Medical Treatment

Ways That Shows How AI in Healthcare is Transforming the Medical Industry

AI is indeed revolutionizing the way the healthcare industry works and driving toward digital transformation for better interaction between medical experts and patients ensuring on-time and effective medical treatments.
Here are some of the ways that show how AI solutions are improving the healthcare industry-

  1. Robot-Assisted Medical Surgeries

One of the most common AI-based applications in the healthcare sector is the use of AI-based robots to revolutionize surgeries that perform complex surgical procedures with lesser side effects, risks or pain.
Additionally, these types of surgeries ensure that the patients recover at a faster rate as compared to traditional medical surgeries.
Using AI in medicine and healthcare firms has given a huge opportunity to surgeons & professionals for getting real-time information access & acting fast with intelligent decisions, which eventually ensures the best healthcare conditions for the patients.
One example is Maastricht Medical Center which uses an AI-based robot to suture small blood vessels.

  1. Early Fraud Detection

The Healthcare industry is one such sector that deals with a large number of fraudulent data.  Research conducted by the US Justice Department states that 3% of healthcare data are fraudulent, which means almost a hundred billion dollars are lost annually.
With the help of AI technology, the healthcare sector can easily detect invalid medical claims before they are paid for, which ensures faster processing, approval & payment of valid ones.
AI also helps in detecting insurance fraud and preventing patient data from being stolen.

  1. Promote Better Clinical Decisions

Using AI in healthcare solutions is transforming the way medical providers make their decisions quick and more effective with timely diagnosis, treatment planning & population health management.
Helping several medical fields like ophthalmology, radiology & pathology, AI is known for supporting decision-making in data-intensive sectors.
Along with NLP, AI solutions enable the translation of clinical notes in EHRs, simplifying the work of clinicians as they need to enter data only once.

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  1. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Making use of cognitive assistants that has reasoning and analytical capabilities along with medical knowledge is becoming a hot thing in the healthcare industry.
One example is the launch of an algorithm, Medical Sleve which has been qualified for assisting in decisions related to cardiology and radiology.
Such health assistants help to analyze the radiology images faster and detect any issues with more reliability.
AI in collaboration with deep learning technologies & medical data helps to promote better patient outcomes & smarter diagnostics.

  1. Medical AI Advice & Consultations

With a busy life schedule, many of us are finding it hard to focus on our physical health, which is why AI-based apps are becoming a need of the hour.
Users only need to report the symptoms of their illness and the app will automatically check these symptoms against the database of medical history using the speech recognition method.
After considering all the medical data & their circumstances, users will be offered medical advice followed by a course of action that the patients need to take.
Such AI apps for medical consultation are becoming a savior for patients who finds it hard to physically visit a clinic or hospital.

Key Takeaways

As we can see, the adoption of AI has tremendously increased over the years in several industry sectors after the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have a healthcare organization, adding AI to your healthcare solutions will bring a huge benefit for the patients as well as healthcare professionals.
With on-time diagnosis and better hospital efficiency, AI can act as a boon for the healthcare industry if implemented perfectly.
Clavax, being a reliable iOS and Android Mobile App Development Company can help businesses to add AI presence in their web or mobile app solutions and offer exceptional experiences that ensure better health outcomes.
Clavax works with renowned healthcare firms across the world and has helped them build custom AI and ML-enabled models for improved business revenue, lower medical costs, and smarter healthcare services.


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