How Much Does It Cost To Make A Real Estate App Like and Ten-X?

Real Estate Agent App Development Cost

December 15, 2020

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Apps are dominating our world in everything we do! Technology is defining how we live our lives including how we search our dream homes for purchase. We just need to pick up our smartphones, open the app, and fulfill our needs.

From grocery shopping, booking tickets, learning online, and many more, everything can be accomplished through the apps. A few decades ago, there was a time when people would rely on a real estate agent to buy or sell their property, which often takes a long time and maybe months.

With the evolution of an innovative and smart real estate software solution, interested users can easily browse properties available at the desired location just at a tap of a button using the app.

Building Top Real Estate Apps Like within Budget

With the increasing rate of digitization, the whole offline process of property search has been stopped. Many big names in real estate app development solutions such as Ten-X,, etc. have brought a transformative change with the advanced features to simplify the process of property purchase and sale.

Known as the most leading online real estate marketplace, enables users to find properties, bid at live and online Auctions with real-time status alerts.  These apps have gained huge success in the field of real estate by making the buying & selling process of properties more transparent & insightful giving the listings an unbeatable reach across the globe.

Through the Ten-X app, brokers get faster & smarter transactions using powerful tools, data & global connections, all delivered through a single dashboard or smartphone. Connecting interested buyers & sellers in one place, Ten-X ensures convenient, quicker transaction & faster closing process. Knowing the immense benefits these apps offer, many real estate firms are eager to build their apps and find out the cost to build an app like Ten-X.

Features affecting the Real Estate Development Cost of Apps like Ten-X or

The real estate app development cost may vary based on several components like total development hours, features you want in the app, location of the developers, and many more. The main motive of your real estate app should be to simplify the complete home buying, renting, and selling process making it easy for both buyers and sellers to finalize the deal as early as possible.

Let’s find out the top most factors that impact the cost of building the Ten-X app or your property app-

  • Multiple Listing Service

The success of a real estate app depends on the capability to list multiple properties enabling buyers and sellers to search/analyze them easily. This not only improves efficiency in the marketplace but can leverage your real estate business with tailored search engines and the support of statistical analysis for online, offline & mobile access. The MLS feature help users looking for properties get regular updates of the listed properties to get the desired one on time.

  • Property Auctions

Your real estate app can be a complete bidding platform where users can open a bid by registering themselves, choose a property, and place their bids on the same. Similar to the app, there are many apps used by multiple real estate firms to offer residential bank-owned and foreclosure home deals. Online Auctions are becoming a thing as it enables users to bid at their desired properties and win the

  • CRM for Property Management

Real Estate apps with the support of CRM are beneficial as they provide complete property management where every detail related to the property such as contact information, leases, move-in & move-out schedules, etc. are stored. Boost your real estate presence by building a custom CRM app to provide easy access to the leasing & property information, round the clock. If you are thinking to build better relationships between property owners, residents & members, get a customized real estate app within your budget.

  • Database Integration

To build successful apps like or Ten-X, your app must be performing well with the integration of a robust database in the real estate app development process. With multiple properties listed on a single app, data stored on your app can be huge, which is why the database should good enough to store them. Keeping information updated is crucial to keep users interested in the app.

  • Property Search Filter

One of the main reasons for building real estate apps is to simplify property search, which is why having a strong search and filter option is necessary to help users search their desired properties and find the right one within their budget or choice. The app should support filter categories such as cost, property type, location & more, which is essential to close the deal as early as possible and help users save time as they have hectic life schedules.

Finding Out the Cost of Real Estate App Development

Depending on the app size, the database, the number of brokers, sellers, or buyers, the design graphics, and many other advanced features, the cost of real estate app development is calculated. Whether it’s about the user interface, layout, technology stack, or the platform supported, many factors can add up the development cost.

The app development cost of real estate depending on the app complexity-

  • Basic Real Estate Apps

These apps are the simplest web or mobile app with only the basic functionalities containing only a few screens or webpages or the ones with some information.

The cost of building the real estate app with basic features may cost around $10,000 to $15,000.

  • Advanced Real Estate Apps

These apps are professionally designed and developed by an expert team with interactive 3D images or video support for easy property visualization. These apps are preferred by mid-scale real estate organization.

The development cost of building these advanced apps may range from $25,000 to $30,000.

  • Real Estate Apps with Extra Functionalities

If you want your real estate business to have a highly complex app with extra functionalities that are rarely found on other competitor apps, then this option is the one for you. It is preferred only by big real estate firms with a huge budget to spend.

The average development cost of building such apps will come around $50,000 and more.

The app development cost of real estate depending on the Developers’ Location & Hourly Rates-

Another factor that hugely impacts the app development cost of real estate apps is the location of the developers and the number of development hours needed to complete the whole process of building an app.
Here are some of the basic information that can help you choose the location of developers and their average associated cost-

  • App Developers based on the US (Developed Countries)- $100 to $250 per hour
  • App Developers based on Eastern Europe (Med Range Developed Locations)-$80 to $180 per hour
  • App developers based on India (Developing Countries)- $25 to $60 per hour

The cost of building successful real estate apps like, Ten-X, Trulia, etc. may come from around $20,000 to $25,000 and may reach up to $35,000. If you hire an experienced team of experts from Clavax having a bunch of creative designers & skilled developers with perfect team coordination, you can easily build a custom real estate app in just 2-3 months with the guaranteed results of more conversion & better ROI.

What Makes One of the Best Real Estate Apps? app comes with a wide range of useful features as compared to other real estate apps. Before you plan to develop your customized real estate app, you and your business need to know the significant features that you are planning to include. Your app features should be unique and different from the crowd to keep your users engaged and love your app from the 1st day of using it.

Having a focused technique is beneficial to conceptualize and create a real estate app that works as expected. Whether it’s about real estate sales or asset management, deals with selling a wide range of properties such as residential, commercial, luxury homes, multi-family, hospitality properties, and more.

Most of the renowned real estate firms based in the US like help to fulfill goals that facilitate the home buyers and investors to bid live at ballroom Auctions through web presence or take part in online-only Auctions. Focusing on keeping things simple, the app ensures that users perform all operations from basic to complex ones that help in gaining a competitive advantage.

Before you go through the factors impacting the cost to create an app like, you should know your target audience and requirements thoroughly to build a successful real estate app.

It would be difficult to find out the exact development cost of your real estate app as it depends on the features you need. Make sure that you choose the features like push notifications, loan calculator, virtual tours, GPS Map locator, Calendars, etc. after knowing their estimated development cost.

Every feature you choose will add up the development cost. Go for the basic features you need in your real estate app and you can add the advanced ones in the later phase.

Wrapping Up
We know for a fact that the real estate market is growing tremendously and it will continue to grow in coming years with the increasing demand for online real estate apps. We have explained all the factors that could impact the cost to develop a real estate app like, Ten-X, etc. Though it is important to keep these factors in mind while building the real estate app, you need the help of the right skilled team of developers and designers.

Being a most-trusted real estate app development company, Clavax has more than 10 years of experience in building high-end real estate software solutions with several successful projects like and Ten-X. For any queries related to real estate development needs or cost, get in touch with our experts and streamline the process of real estate organization with more convenience and efficiency.

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