The Positive Impact of COVID 19 on Businesses that is Being Ignored

December 1, 2020

Reading time about 5 minutes

It is no doubt that pandemic has immensely affected the global economy. Lockdown was imposed suddenly that made massive pressure on unready businesses. It also questioned their survival.

You are probably thinking about everything negative. But there is always a good side to the most horrendous situations! Here we are going to share some positive impacts of COVID 19 that can bring good fortune to businesses.

How Different Industries are acknowledging the Emergence of New Needs


Not one, every industry has faced losses due to Pandemic. Some had to reconsider their business models and realized how the crucial implementation of technologies can be that it helps to stay strong even during the global crisis. If you are new to the industry, you can hire a reliable app development company that can guide you throughout the process to achieve your goals.

Here are some major must-have technologies and smart digital solutions that every business needs to consider.

1. Retail

The rapid spread of the virus has caused a huge slowdown and unprecedented disruption to the retail industry. But with every crisis come opportunities.

COVID-19 has transformed online shopping from a nice-to-have thing to a must-have feature around the globe. Those who already own an e-commerce platform were fortunate enough to keep up with daily transactions. Building reliable social e-commerce platforms, online shopping websites, and mobile commerce solutions not only gives your business wings to fly when everything is at a halt but also extend your business reach.

Why go digital? Is it the only solution? Yes! Pandemic has led to a change in customer demand and consumption patterns. As we emerge from the crisis, e-commerce will remain important, and those who were digital averse earlier will continue to shop online.

To survive in the market, retail companies need to quickly adapt to atypical customer demand patterns and be a part of online penetration. Several digital initiatives are coming

along the way. For instance, a new contactless way of shopping is BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store), and contactless payments are setting the scene for retail’s next normal. Let’s take a look at how e-commerce development is growing year after year.

Like retail, online food ordering is very much similar to an e-commerce platform. However, it is not a virus-immune system to opt for but can be supervised in the right way to ensure business continuity for restaurants. Every business should think about omnichannel experiences.


To become a leading retailer, companies should act fast and accelerate the shift to digitization. Hiring reliable outsourcing IT development company can help you stay in touch with your customers today and beyond.

2. Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of the education systems across the globe. It has affected nearly 1.6 billion learners in more than 190 countries and all continents. On the other hand, the crisis has stimulated innovation within the education industry. The increasing usage of digital learning solutions demonstrates how educational institutions across the world transfer their work from classrooms and lecture halls to digital platforms overnight.

Millions of schools and colleges are using diverse e-learning solutions not just to provide distant learning but also to upskill their teachers according to the current situation. Digital solutions have the answer to all your queries. Like, how to distribute the content, what devices can be used, how to stay connected, and much more. Proposed digital solutions can be live classrooms, online assessments, and digital administrative tasks. The world could see a force of large scale and cross-industry coalitions to ensure uninterrupted access to education while unflinching in the face of tremendous challenges.
3. Healthcare

Telemedicine apps, patient management, and on-demand lab report systems are a few popular digital solutions that are used by healthcare centers to provide essential care. Adopting digital solutions, clinical teams across the world can manage their patients effectively and deliver improved outcomes. These solutions not just make a difference in healthcare solutions now but post-pandemic also.

The first and foremost reason to step into the digital world is that e-health solutions are proving their efficacy by making their jobs easier and patient experience better.


Implementing a New Working System in a Short Time


Now when we know how digital solutions can keep us running, it is important to integrate a comprehensive solution for your business to gain a competitive advantage. To outmaneuver the offline model, all the organizations are starting to access their current system’s capacity and create a multifaceted digital strategy to address both short and long-term goals.

The journey of enabling a full-scale digital transformation in a short time is not a cakewalk. Clavax has years of experience in ideating, developing, and maintaining end-to-end digital transformation that is required for business growth. We have helped organizations to shift their focus from traditional learning models to embrace digital holistically. Supported by a team of experts, we let you envision new digital opportunities for streamlining workflows and effective management planning.


To conclude, COVID-19 has made us realize that now the economy should not only rely upon human interactions. From retail to logistics, food, manufacturing, healthcare, every industry should have a more robust system based on technologies to achieve consistent performance regardless of the situation. The present scenario has given us the opportunity and a strong push to evolve with smart and intuitive digital solutions.