Enterprise Content Management isn’t Dying – It’s Evolving

June 21, 2017

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The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has reshaped the way organizations work. Most of us often wonder whether ECM is just fading away with time or is it evolving for better. To clear all the doubts, let’s understand why content management system is being considered as one of the essential business functions to manage the information assets. Organizations of any sizes, big or small will always need to manage their data well and not even a single day would come when they can ignore it, as managing content is at the heart of doing any business. It certainly means ECM is here to stay and it is evolving.

Phases of Evolution in ECM

Earlier when ECM came into existence, its main purpose was to focus on the robust content management system. Though these systems were beneficial for managing documents and improving workflow, they were also quite expensive to purchase and customize as per requirements. Due to the high expenses involved, it became a barrier for small and medium scale businesses that had to deal with systems like file shares.

Here are the phases on how ECM evolved over the years:

  • Records Management & Workflow

With the mission-critical & document-based processes, it is for limited users like records/document specialists and the technology is quite complex and is driven by the business.

  • Enterprise Content Management

SharePoint manages content keeping focus on more knowledge workers with the technology still complex but driven by IT.

  • Cloud & Mobile Content Management

Targeting all the users, ECM capabilities on mobile devices have become a business core requirement along with Enterprise SaaS applications & focus returns on business again.
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As we can see, data is growing rapidly every minute, organizations need to focus on more effective tools not just for better content management but for security, accessibility and great user experience. Mobile technology plays an important role in shaping the ECM future. Gone are those days when our main concern was for storing content, now the future demand using and optimizing content, which is possible with the right Enterprise Content Management System. Take control of your critical business data and help your organization leverage ECM capabilities to enhance growth.


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