Top Reasons Why Marketers should use Headless CMS

July 4, 2017

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As per the research, more than 70% of enterprises are implementing web content management systems (CMS) to enable digital transformation by managing the content from creation to disposal. Data is the most important asset of your business, which is why taking control of it with the right Enterprise CMS is important to enhance the key business processes. However, we will be talking about one CMS that is being discussed very frequently i.e. Headless CMS. Many of us are still confused on what exactly is headless CMS and why should marketers care about this. Let’s find it out.

What is Headless CMS?

While using traditional Content management systems, it is often difficult to add new delivery formats into the website that has been developed outside of the CMS platform. To overcome this issue, Headless CMS came into existence with the concept of chopping off the “head” for more flexibility. Here, the head refers to the presentation layout of the content i.e. the front-end while other parts of the body are the metaphor of the back-end. The Headless CMS is the type of the Content Management System that focusses on modeling, creating & authoring content while facilitating the workflow & collaboration around the content.

How will Marketers be benefited by Headless CMS?

There have been lots of questions around every Web Application Development Company about whether they should adopt Headless CMS or not. The goal for marketers is to deliver exceptional value and do as much as possible to have a big impact on customers. Here are some of the main benefits that marketers will get by using Headless CMS:

  • Time Saving

It will save many hours as the single content can be reused and combined with several presentations using headless CMS. The content creators do not need to worry about how every front-end is displaying content since the headless system will push updates across all the digital properties, thereby reducing time to market.

  • More Scalable

As the front-end & back-end are separated, any performance issue in the back-end CMS platform won’t create any downtime for the working site. Any upgrade and customization of your software can be done without any risk of breaking the site, hence improves scalability and speed up the response time of the site.

  • More Flexible

The Headless CMS is beneficial for front-end developers as they are given the opportunity to use front end frameworks, through which they can integrate content via API like JSON, XML, etc. or build any type of front-end they need. This not only gives developers more possibility but also enhances speed as well as agility.

  • Better Optimization

Since the headless CMS can deliver content via an API, the content can be displayed on any devices from anywhere. All the content scattered across the web can be aggregated in one location and manage easily in one place using this CMS. The ability of Kentico developers to manage all the information from multiple sources is one of the best advantages of using Headless CMS.

  • System Security

Using Headless CMS is more secure than using any traditional CMS because the platform that publishes the content cannot be accessed from the CMS database. Therefore, the risk associated with distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDOS) are relatively lesser.

One thing is clear that with the help of headless CMS, marketers get a focused interface to simply manage their content and developers get the freedom to develop technology-agnostic solutions. It also helps in launching content enabled apps faster as developers can focus on creating application features instead of re-inventing the CMS wheel. Grab the benefits of the Headless CMS to reach new markets & find ways to interact with customers.


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