Why is Electric Vehicle Charging Station Development the Most in Demand Software for Automobile Industry?

electric vehicle charging station software development

January 25, 2022

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It is an exciting time for investing in the electric vehicle landscape. Do you know? Elon Musk’s electric car company posted a record profit of $1.6 billion in a three-period time. Witnessing the massive growth, top auto manufacturers, including Volkswagen, are building up charging infrastructure across the world to commit to an EV future.

You must be thinking, why there is hype? Besides saving money, electric cars promote an eco-friendly environment. The cars that run on petrol or diesel produces more carbon emission, leading to more pollution. EV cars with rechargeable batteries to power up the engine and operate lights & wipers. To promote the betterment of lives, EV vehicle-sharing apps are on the rise.

It’s time for you to be an early bird in the electric vehicle charging network and gain optimum results. A shift in urban travel styles is likely to continue, and electric car-sharing and charging station app development are leading the charge.

There are many mobile app business ideas; however, investing in an EV charging station finder app is a go-to solution. Hire us as your reliable mobile app development service provider to gain robust and agile electric vehicle charging app development solutions for government and commercial businesses.

With years of experience and expertise, we know what’s best for your applications as per the current trends. Here is a list of top features that are used in EV vehicle charging applications.

  1. Advanced Search Filters

    Filters are a great way to offer users what they exactly want. Different types of filters can be added to the application to make it user-friendly. You can add filters like station category (Public, high power, low power), charging plugs (type of plug you need), station amenities, reviews & ratings.

  2. Advance Booking System

    An app adds convenience for its users. It eliminates the waiting time and allows you to book a spot in advance. Leveraging the potential of mobile functionality, locating the EV station becomes easier and hassle-free.

  3. Payment Integration

    With robust payment options, users don’t have to wait instead, they can pay instantly through the app with a few clicks. Moreover, mobile apps also allow users to track the total spending on charging.

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  4. Push Notifications

    With notifications, you can send an alert to your customers. For instance, the opening of a new charging station nearby or last charging was done on which date. Moreover, you can send notifications for performed actions, like booking a spot, scanning a QR code, successful/ failed transactions. It allows users to keep information at the top of their heads.

  5. In-App Navigation

    In-app navigation through GPS allows customers to find charging stations in real-time on the map. Moreover, it helps them to reach the station quickly and on time of their booking.

  6. Chatbot Integration

    Chatbots are digital assistants that offer advanced help and support for users. It helps users to get their queries resolved on time. Moreover, users can book their slots through a chatbot hands-free.

  7. Loyalty Programs

    Irrespective of the business type, loyalty programs keep customers in the loop and increase retention rates. Offering exclusive benefits to loyal customers will help you stay ahead of the competitive league.


Advantages of building an electric vehicle charging station apps

Building an EV charging station finder app is a wise investment. It will boost the business’s visibility and increase revenue. Using the app, users can book their spot in advance and eliminate waiting in long queues. Besides, a mobile application allows you to track electricity consumption at the station, record details of customers, track profits, and much more.

The electric vehicle market is estimated to reach 26, 950, 319 units by 2030. (Source: Forbes). You can enjoy immense profits building a similar EV charging app like Plugshare, Chargepoint, and more.


Cost to develop an electric vehicle charging app

To calculate the estimated price of the EV station finder app, you need to decide which features work the best for the application. Moreover, the app development cost is influenced by the location of the outsourcing app development company. You can use an app cost calculator to determine the approximate value of your business idea within minutes.


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With constant evolution in the present era, more people are joining the Go Green moment to save the environment. More and more charging stations are going to be set up but locating a charging station can be a tedious task. Through our EV charging app development services, you can build a sustainable app that helps you achieve growth in minimum time. Our mobile app developers have a broad knowledge of the app development processes and help you create feature-rich apps for Android and iOS.