How Chatbots and AI Will Reduce Business Risks?

December 11, 2017

Reading time about 3 minutes

With the ever-increasing demand of chatbots in the business world, many companies are making use of bots to transform the way they communicate with their users. Not only chatbots have been deployed as internal-facing assistants for enhanced productivity & employee satisfaction but also for addressing and mitigating different risk areas. Chatbots came into existence through a dedicated program called Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is a combination of Machine Learning & Virtual Intelligence. In this blog, we will be learning how chatbots and AI will help in reducing business risks.

Ways to address Business challenges with Chatbots

The AI-powered virtual assistants can learn independently & assist consumers without human support. Companies using a quality chatbot has been able to speed up internal business processes & build better communication network among everyone. Here are the top business risks that can be reduced with the help of chatbots:

  • 24*7 Customer Service

Chatbot can connect users with customer service anytime since it is a self-service tool, which is mainly helpful during weekends or outside working hours. Rather than getting an automated response, users will get instant response to their queries from chatbot.

  • Resolve Multiple Requests

Giving response to numerous sales inquiries can be hectic but with a chatbot, you can organize & figure out different requests. These requests can be sent to respective departments and personalized responses will be generated for the clients.

  • Examine Big Data Trends

The analyzing and processing capability of AI-powered chatbots can help your business categorize and analyze big data. It will help in retrieving important patterns that will enhance your services in a better way to add business value.

  • Customized Marketing Campaigns

The information collected through Big Data Analysis in chatbots can be used to create customized sales and marketing campaigns to boost the business growth with more closing rates and qualified leads.

  • Enhanced Productivity

As a quality chatbot can perform all your major business tasks like replying to emails, verifying information & sending responses, your business team will get the extra time that can be utilized effectively. It will also let you focus on revenue-generating tasks for more productivity.

  • Better Communication

Many business models support a clear separation between different departments making it hard to communicate with one another. Chatbots can work as a centralized point of contact where employees in different departments can communicate & collaborate easily.

As we have seen, chatbot has a long way to go and it is becoming one of the most powerful tools that will have a positive impact on all companies, regardless of their size. The best thing about developing AI-based chatbots is that it uses a purely virtual interface that doesn’t require coding knowledge. If you haven’t started using a chatbot for your organization, it’s time to start implementing one now. However, don’t forget to consider the tips discussed above to make the best use of Chatbots & reduce the business challenges.