Top Big Data Trends That Will Impact Your Enterprise

November 9, 2017

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Big Data has come a long way ever since its existence and has played a key role in changing the way we do business. No matter what kind of business you are dealing with, data is the most important asset irrespective of the business size. We need a strong strategy to analyze the enterprise data and extract customer intelligence for enhanced business results. Data is increasing rapidly with every year, which is why better analytics is needed to cater the customers’ demands effectively. Is your business ready to make the best use of Big Data Analytics & avail the advantages? Let’s discuss some of the best Big Data Trends that will impact your Enterprise to a huge extent.

  • Focus on Live IoT Data

As the usage of IoT increases, the enterprises using Big Data will focus more on extracting real-time data from IoT sensors & other live data to transmit them to users and machines for actionable information. Many businesses need to integrate and make sense of data entered by human or generated from machines for composite virtualizations.

  • Increased Cloud Migration

As most of the on-premises data centers used by various organizations are coming to an end & the benefits of Cloud are becoming endless, there will be an increase in the rate of cloud migration. The future of Big Data lies in the power of cloud where enterprises can ask for any desired resources without the need for provisioning or seek experts to run in-house Hadoop clusters.

  • Usage of More Dark Data

Though many enterprises have moved ahead with the incorporation of Big Data & computing, some are still trapped with paper docs, storage closets or hard drives. These data are not effective for generating performance patterns or valuable insights. The Big Data technology should be able to break down silos that lock up these data & integrate them for better analysis.

  • Work on Result-driven Data

To resolve the issues of crunching terabytes of data, organizations are adopting Big Data stores like Hadoop. With the increasing focus on real-time analytics, Big Data specialists need to work more on data that will drive results rather than do it for the sake of analytics. Vendors working on Big Data need to come up with the new & innovative Hadoop-based solutions.

  • Rise of Predictive Analysis

Apart from real-time analytics of data, Enterprises must focus on predictive analysis to come up with positive business decisions. For this, Big Data providers offer new analytics solutions that can examine historical data for better prediction. The predictive analytics helps in reducing fraud detection and risk exposures, making business operations more efficient.

  • Stronger Data Security

To enable better security for all the users accessing a common data warehouse, new data access permissions should be created and revised to detect illegal data extrusion by users. With increasing dependence on smart devices for creating data, security should be the main concern as consequences of Big Data breaches can be huge with the chance of reputational risk.

With the increasing usage of Big Data in the development of apps, it is important for all the enterprises to stay updated with all the latest technologies and development strategies to gain competitive advantage. At Clavax, we offer a wide range of IT services and solutions to help businesses leverage the power of Big Data in achieving their business goals effectively. Talk to our Big Data specialists and learn the ways to improve your business for more productivity and profits.


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