How Chatbot will Help Your Business Grow?

November 1, 2017

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Everyone is talking about chatbot, the latest buzzword in the tech world and how it is helping businesses grow. What might be the exact reason behind the rising popularity of chatbots? Most of the chatbots are based on Artificial intelligence but many fail to understand that the chatbot is much more than any computer programs that allow text conversation with human beings. Let’s find out what chatbot is all about and how it can make your business grow.

Chatbots-What Exactly it is?

Chatbots can be defined as the computer programs that have been developed to simulate human conversation. It can either be a script-based chatbot that simplifies predefined complex tasks or an AI-based chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from multiple conversations & respond accordingly. The concept of AI enables humans to talk with chatbot as a ‘human’.

Why use Chatbot for Your Business?

As per the study conducted by Gartner, it is believed that customer will manage 85% of the business relationship without human interaction by 2020, increasing demand and adoption of self-help service. When we talk about any business, the main motive is to provide an enhanced customer’s experience that will eventually help in boosting sales and customer loyalty. As the most effective self-help communication tool, Chatbot is the future of brand engagement that allows users to interact with your brand effectively.

Benefits Chatbots Can Bring to Your Business

Since the chatbot is new in the market, many business owners often wonder if it can perform the task of customer service agents or not. Well, it can! Chatbots can manage your customers’ queries instantly without the need of employing service representatives thereby saves your money. Here are some of the wonderful things about chatbots that will help your business grow:

  • Instant Response to Users

There is a high chance of users getting frustrated if he/she doesn’t get a quick reply from the businesses. They want immediate response and chatbot helps in making it possible thereby enabling businesses to build reputation and brand. Not just that, Chatbot can respond to multiple users at any time, offering customer service in a consistent manner.

  • Save Customer Service Cost

As the business grows, there is an increasing need of employing more staffs who need to be paid for their work. A Chatbot is the best option as it is a one-time investment and saves your company from the expenses of hiring customer support agents. Additionally, a single chatbot is enough for managing multiple queries from different users.

  • 24/7 Support

Chatbots never sleep and has the robust support of 24/7 availability that can interact with a vast number of users at a time. This is one of the main reasons why businesses must use chatbots to avoid massive staffing budgets. They are like virtual robots that don’t get tired and work throughout the year to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Drive Sales

The role of Chatbot doesn’t end with the basic customer service but it also helps in driving the sales with the capability to deliver as per customer preferences. It can analyse users’ purchase history to make better suggestions for their next purchase and can even prompt to make sure that user gets all the information they need.

  • Automate Repetitive Task

One of the main benefits that business will get using Chatbot is that it saves you from doing repetitive tasks, which are prone to errors. With the automated functionality, Chatbot helps in saving time & enhancing productivity for the business growth.

One thing is clear, chatbot has a long way to go considering its capability for improved and smarter communications. Though development of Chatbot has opened a whole new platform for several businesses, it is still in the beginning phase. With all the benefits discussed above, more and more businesses will embrace the world of chatbots in the years to come for better productivity with lesser costs. Remember, your business doesn’t need to be a size of Facebook to start using chatbot. Get a chatbot developed for your business & be always ahead to gain a competitive advantage in business.
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