Kentico11 Coming Soon-What to Expect?

October 17, 2017

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Ever since the attendees of Kentico’s Roadshow got a first glimpse at the Kentico11 that is releasing on 29th November, they must be curious to learn about the detailed features of it. In the roadshow event that was held on May 2017 in London, the Kentico CEO Petr Palas gave a brief introduction on Kentico11 & Headless CMS along with loads of insights into Kentico’s plan for future. The current popular versions are Kentico Cloud and Kentico 10 that focusses on how Kentico accelerates its growth. In this blog, we will learn about the features of Kentico11 and how it will be better than its earlier versions.

What is Kentico11 all about?

Kentico is the most preferred CMS platform that has been evolving over the years making CMS usage & marketing simpler for its users. With the motive to be in forefront of CMS world, Kentico is coming up with its flagship product- Kentico11 that will simplify its core features to drive usability for enterprise-level users. As per the statement that was given by Kentico’s director of product, the future of Kentico will be a dual-rail strategy with Kentico11 that will be the combination of both Kentico Cloud and Kentico CMS. Here are the focus areas of Kentico11:

  • Email Marketing

Kentico11 is bringing in its own email marketing platform with the widget-based visual email marketing feature, which is one of the main reasons why Kentico11 is unique from other versions. Though the features of Kentico11 will be quite alike to that of MailChimp and ConstantContact, it will be different as it supports a native integration with all the data stored in Kentico instance by the users for better marketing strategy.

  • Enhanced Campaign Management

Kentico11 will be incorporated with the improved marketing campaign through which marketers can easily examine the Social Media’s Referral Traffic and find out the posts that are doing well & attracts more traffic. According to which, they can plan what they should be posted so that audience gets what they like.

Every organization wants to make people aware about their brand and products & share information to a maximum crowd. Kentico11 will be helpful with its strong marketing campaign that could be used as one of the most important strategic steps. Additional features include enhanced support for HTML 5 input types through which Kentico will provide support to create form controls using new textmode types such as phone, date, time, email, URL, etc. Well, Kentico11 has so many attractive features that can boost the company’s growth. All the Kentico developers must be quite excited about the launch of Kentico that will hit the market in November 2017.


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