IT Head of Clavax took part in the International Kentico Roadshow 2017

October 6, 2017

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Clavax, the renowned mobile and web app development firm proudly announces its participation in one of the largest Kentico Roadshow events. The event is conducted every year and is organized to showcase the latest news, product updates and other insights from the Kentico world. The main agenda to visit Kentico Roadshow was to enhance the learning on Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud.

Clavax and its team believe that participating in these events is beneficial for a greater technical understanding of how these platforms will work together, things to consider which platform is viable for our projects and what benefits we can bring to our business.

Kentico’s new offerings allow enterprises to focus on fostering great digital experiences for their clients. It provides a complete platform in the multi-talent SaaS model which avoids the technical challenges associated with content management system including security and upgrades. The emergence of these technologies not only make businesses more productive but also deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Sweta Gupta, IT head of Clavax stated the following in the event: “I am honored to be a participant in such an important event for IT developers. To offer the best-in-class products, we should be in touch with our consumers. Events like this will give us a great chance to meet with the global developer community and learn more about latest industry trends and customer’s requirements.” She also enjoyed a great interaction with Kentico’s CEO Petr Palas.


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