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How Education App Development is Becoming an Effortless Teaching Solution

There is no denying that mobile has a profound influence in every sphere of our lives which allow us to be faster and better. The education sector is nowhere behind in leveraging the technology. Mobile apps have become an engaging and interactive way of imparting education to millions of students in the real-time.

“According to Statistica, 77% of m-learners said adapting technology has helped them to improve their skills.”

Undoubtedly, educational apps are becoming a convenient option to educate students of any age group. Why? There are several reasons for this surge in demand. Let’s look at how mobile apps are effectively contributing to learning or teaching.

1. Interactive Way of Learning

Mobile apps are becoming the smartest way to activate better engagement between parents and children. With highly appealing UI, apps can easily grab attention thus able to improve results at a faster pace. The apps help students to visualize content which remains on top of their mind every time.

2. Access 24*7

Unlike traditional teaching methods, an app is accessible anytime and anywhere on portable gadgets. App learning is not a time-bound learning thus students can learn as per their convenience. Besides this, students can receive real-time notifications, even in offline mode which proves quite beneficial and keeps them updated, always.

3. A Combined Package of Education & Entertainment

Mobile app learning is the best way to use a child’s free time actively, and entertainment is guaranteed. Also, some educational apps help in tracking a child’s progress which is one of the significant factors that every parent wants to explore. For any teacher or parent, it is easy to monetarily watch a child’s progress and guide them so through apps.

4. Structured and Systematic Way to Learn

While we are aware of smart learning, systematic learning makes it more valuable. Apps follow a structured approach to teaching thus makes it convenient for students to understand and learn. Educational apps are not only fulfilling the urge for learning but also promote a methodical way of learning.

Which Educational Features you must consider in your app?

To maximize your reach and improve the effectiveness of the teaching process, reliable app development companies recommend a list of some notable features that you must include in your app. Here are few of them:

1. A Powerful and Resourceful Database

A supportive and strong database makes your app architecturally advanced thus you can stay ahead of the competitive curve. It is important as all the study material including videos and audio clips are uploaded on a frequent basis and needs constant updates.

2. Provision of Regular Practice Sessions

Timely notifications for mock tests in the app keep the student engaged and encourage them to work on their weakness. Daily challenges and quiz help students to grow their potential and improve their skills quickly and interactively.

3. Simple Login Process

In education apps, users are looking for a minimum number of steps to log in. Moreover, with feature-rich and ease-to-use accessible dashboard users can access content without any troubles.

4. Progress Tracking Graphs

Gain Badges boost self-esteem. Tracking progress within the app become a great motivational tool. An educational app must consider progress tracking feature as it increases customer engagement rates and helps them to enhance comprehensive skills.

5. Social Media Integration

Won’t be wonderful if you can showcase your achievements or motivate yourself by seeing your fellow learners have already achieved a lot? A good educational app has all these advantages. Including social media channels in the app aids your users to add friends, communicate and share successes.

However, depending on your requirements and challenges faced by the audience with current applications helps you to shortlist your desired features in the app. For instance, Jump into English is a smart app developed to teach language, technology, and engage parents in the school community. It includes features like voice recording, mock tests, live tutorials, etc. which has helped users to reach their goals.

If you are considering developing an educational app, it might be useful to understand the costs of these features which is crucial to developing a custom build app. Even though you won’t get actual prices, but it is possible to get estimates for simple apps.

Selecting a reliable app development agency with experienced mobile app developers can help you build an educational app that will correspond to all your requirements.

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