How’s Technology helping Real Estate Industry in the times of COVID 19 Crisis

June 11, 2020

Reading time about 4 minutes

Real Estate is an evolving industry and Technology has been a major player in the rise! Revolutionary technology tools are the stepping stone shaping the commercial and residential real estate sectors to paint an entirely new shift.

In the times of a pandemic, where people fear losing what they have, it can be a great threat to the economies and real estate will be the most affected area. COVID 19 isn’t just a no vaccine disease, it’s a situation and we’re all amidst the tough times, surviving it any way possible. Talking about the facts, industries are dropping down and coping up to find ways for serving their customers, sustain their employee strength, and move their cash flows. With the situation deepening the disaster, can we still expect sunshine? Here’s how we surely can!
Real estate can still have the hopes alive with the following technology breakthroughs, provided you have them integrated sooner possible.

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  • Virtual Property Tours

Mixing up the powers of virtual reality and advanced 3D modeling, you can let your property be visible with the help of virtual tours and digital property marketing. While the biggies have already taken their seats in the first row by having VR integrated for their property tours, you might not like to be amongst the late entries. In a situation of a pandemic, virtual tours are safe and helping the real estate professional’s close business without in-person meetings or any sort of exposure with others. This further helps to keep the brokers, representatives and the people associated with the deals stay safe while hunting the best property for themselves. Having a real estate software solution with the necessary technology integrated into it, is highly valuable!

  • Online Rental & Purchase Management

Now, when everything has changed the way it used to be, looking up to the payments for rentals and purchases in the interim seems bothersome. While the owners cannot visit in person, they might miss some of the important terms to be discussed with either the tenants or the ones purchasing the property. Having a blockchain-based application for your various properties listed can equip you with smart and secure technology behind everything which has to be added in the contract or agreement between the two parties. Well, what’s the most interesting thing in this is the implementation of smart contracts. Once you’re done with it, nothing can be left not discussed, helping you and your customer stay on the same page.

  • Streamlining the Paperwork

Anything which isn’t black and white, can’t be a matter pf proof! Real estate deals need to be authentic enough, particularly in terms of finances. Thank god there’s a tech tool backing up for this. The most important aspect of the entire buying and selling process is the paperwork associated with it. While we are under a pandemic, security is a major concern. Let’s skip the meetings and consultations and head to some smart work for digitizing the paperwork and covering it all with a technology looking after everything which needs to be done. In recent times, the scheduler platform is helping the agents/brokers and the owners to schedule messaging, streamline meetings, and handling automated marketing and logistics operations. As we never know how long we would need to overcome the tough times, but we can still have a real estate tech integration to get better in terms of management and administration without interfering in between.

When the industries are losing out, real estate can still gear up, the pandemic situation can also be the biggest push towards real estate’s widespread tech integration. Be the one assisting the industry in how to level up and have technologies to cover up the empty spaces. Another major technology bringing great outcomes is AR. Augmented reality app development can be a big breakthrough in leading businesses to better revenue and enriching growth possibilities.

We suggest being prepared for the situations which you haven’t faced to date and the ones which can be predicted in the future. This preparedness is all we need to operate and excel where the world seems to shut.