Things to Know about Kentico Xperience – New Name of Kentico CMS & EMS

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June 13, 2020

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No business can be truly successful without its presence in the online world, irrespective of what your business is dealing with. To start boosting your brand value, you need to build a website and make your target audience know about you and your services.

However, your website won’t be effective unless the content is updated regularly over time to meet the evolving demands of your customers. That is where your website needs one of the reliable Enterprise CMS Solutions. Kentico Software is one of the renowned names that have been gaining attention since 2004 by successfully enabling several companies and brands to connect with their customers.

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Since the year of its launch, Kentico has continued to expand with new products and features that help in boosting the website presence of several companies across the world. In this blog, we will be talking about Kentico’s newly rebranded platform, i.e. Kentico Xperience. Let’s find out what we need to know about this new name of Kentico CMS & EMS and how it will help companies accelerate their digital transformation.

What is Kentico Xperience?

Announced recently by Kentico software, Kentico Xperience is the newly rebranded Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that came as the replacement of Kentico EMS and CMS. Xperience, as the name says, the platform has all the best tools together in a single platform focused on building faster and engaging digital experiences across multiple channels, in the cloud or on-premises.

From content management, digital marketing to commerce tools, this platform has everything you need to create modern websites that can deliver personalized experiences and seamlessly integrates into any technology stack, as per your choice.

What’s changed with Kentico Xperience?

Talking about the actual platform, nothing related to the features or functionalities has changed. Kentico Xperience is just a rebrand to better represent the DXP (Digital Experience Platform) solution and its core features.

It is further said that the underlying product remains the same and there is no immediate action that needs to be taken by the existing Kentico customers. As the market demand changes, companies can reflect the power of Kentico’s solution and its capabilities in delivering personalized experiences.

Keeping the focus on the journey that has evolved over the years, Kentico has come a long way from a simple content management system with some marketing functionalities to the advanced enterprise-level digital experience platform, which is now called as Kentico Xperience.

How Kentico Xperience Crafts Engaging Digital Experiences?

Living in pandemic days of the coronavirus outbreak where social distancing is mandatory, it is becoming important for the companies to rethink their business strategies and deliver better digital experiences. The CEO of Kentico Software, Petr Palas mentioned that “With the Kentico Xperience platform, companies can accelerate their digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage during these hard times.”

Whether it’s about delivering engaging and personalized experiences across web, mobile, online stores, or email campaigns, this platform will help in building outstanding digital touchpoints to engage customers efficiently. With the support of the advanced .NET MVC platform and plugin tools for easy third-party apps integration, the platform ensures a faster development process and exceptional performance.

Top Features That Will Help Developers and Marketers

Speaking about the features, Kentico Xperience acts as a reliable and seamless solution for both developers and marketers enabling them to avail advanced capabilities and complete their tasks in a shorter time.

Benefits for Marketers

  • Simplified Content Management
  • Forget templates, Deliver Customized Experiences
  • Engage Customers with Automated Marketing Campaigns

Benefits for Developers

  • Develop Faster & Scalable websites with robust ASP.NET technologies
  • Use MVC Development Model to Deliver Exceptional Experiences
  • Take Advantage of Easy integration with Kentico Xperience

Kentico Software has two content management products, i.e. Kentico Xperience, a DXP solution having content management, digital marketing, and eCommerce all together and Kentico Kontent- a headless/cloud-based Content-as-a-service platform.

If you are interested to know what Kentico CMS Solutions can do for your business, get in touch with our certified Kentico developers, and boost your brand presence today. Our expert team can help you grasp the immense benefits of the Kentico Xperience and connect with your customers more successfully.

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